19-Year-Old Mom-of-Four Hits Back at Trolls Saying She ‘Ruined Her Life’

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We all have plans for our future, right? And no one person’s future looks the same, does it? But, even with that being said, there are always people out there that just don’t get why someone wouldn’t do something their way.

And, this mom-of-4 has hit back at people who are telling her the way she’s living her life, has “ruined” it.

Going by the handle @mamaclaire00 on TikTok, nineteen-year-old mom-of-4 has hit back at those judging her life choices.

In response to a commenter asking Claire to introduce herself, she posted a video, explaining a little bit about her life leading to her being able to raise 4 beautiful children.

“Hi, I’m Claire,” she began writing in the video.

“I had my son Luke when I was eighteen, his dad dipped. I met my husband when Luke was 3-4 months old, we got married shortly after. We have an age gap, so that’s why I get so much hate,” Claire continued on before explaining she’s “5 months pregnant with his daughter,” and is also a stepmom to his 2 children, who he had with another woman prior to meeting Claire.

Her daughter is due in April of 2022, which is when Claire turns twenty, as well.

“So yeah, I’m nineteen with a husband and 4 kids and I love my life,” she finished writing in the video before saying that the “haters pay my bills.”

But, some people still weren’t letting her be.

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With one person insinuating the man she’s chosen in her teens, won’t be the man she remains attracted to.

And there were more comments…

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So, the nineteen-year-old mom hit back at her haters…

When a commenter had sarcastically noted that her life is amazing, she replied with: “You got that right!!”

And wrote the following caption in her video: “Nineteen settled down with a paid-off car, homeowner, full family. I manifested my success and here I am.”

The teenage mom has been through a lot, according to another TikTok she shared.

Her biological dad had passed away before she had the chance to meet him, she was groomed from the age of fifteen, her parents arranged for people to take her to rehab without her permission, and when her ex-boyfriend passed away, she found texts in which she missed from him due to her blocking his number.

And so, Claire has finally found happiness in her decision to be married to her partner, helping raise his 2 children, as well as her her own.

And she’s not letting the opinions of others get in the way of that.

You go girl!