2-Year-Old Boy and 99-Year-Old Neighbor Strike Up Unlikely Friendship and Now They’re BFFs

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Many people went through the global lockdown unable to meet up with their close friends and other family members… but 2-year-old Benjamin Olson and ninety-nine-year-old Mary O’Neill forged a very adorable relationship during such a difficult time.

The next-door neighbors from Minnesota struck up a friendship by regularly meeting up by a fence that separates their homes.

“For more than a year, he didn’t see other kids. He didn’t interact with anyone except our family and Mary,” Benjamin’s mom, Sarah Olson, told TODAY.

“They ended up forming an incredibly strong bond,” she continued.

Before she became best friends with Benjamin, O’Neill spent her days watching TV game shows and playing Yahtzee on a handheld electronic game, she told NBC affiliate KARE 11.

The senior, who lost her Husband thirty-seven years ago started off her friendship by waving at Benjamin from behind a window, slowly venturing outside to say hello to the youngster, and before they knew it, they were both regularly meeting up by the fence between their homes. “Benjamin keeps me company,” O’Neill said.

The pandemic restrictions have now eased up, so the pair sit together blowing bubbles together on days when the weather is nice.

“He makes me feel good,” she said. “Sometimes he’ll get up and grab a piece of sand or a rock and give it to me as a gift.” How cute is that?

The elderly neighbor, who will turn 100 in December of this year, also gifted the cute little boy a big box of toy trucks.

The trucks were O’Neill’s late son, who passed away.

“He passed away, so they’ve been sitting down in the basement for years and years,” she said. The trucks are now helping Benjamin to learn his colors.

“They’re the closest thing to grandchildren I have around here,” she said. O’Neill admitted that she felt rather disappointed on days when the Olsons’ yards remained empty. “I missed them, missed seeing them,” she said. “When it was too cold for them to come out or when it was raining.”

Olson herself got emotional as she realized just how much her son means to the elderly lady!

“I had never known that. I’m so happy they have each other,” she said. “Mary is fiercely independent. She doesn’t really show her cards. So I got really emotional when I heard her say that she missed Benjamin on the days when it was too cold or rainy to go outside.”

This friendship really is the best friendship we’ve ever seen, and we hope everyone finds a bond like it.