2-Year-Old Genius Accepted Into Mensa

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A 2-year-old girl from Los Angeles has been accepted into Mensa…

Making her the youngest member of American Mensa.

It’s safe to say, the internet is astonished by her intelligence…

Meet 2-year-old Kashe Quest.

As you might have guessed, Kashe isn’t your average 2-year-old…

The toddler, from Los Angeles, has just become the youngest American member of Mensa.

Mensa, founded in 1946, admits individuals who score in the top 2% of the population.

The 2 most well know IQ test are Stanford-Binet and Cattell…

Of which a score over 132 in the Stanford-Binet test or 145 in Cattell is required to qualify, according to Mensa’s website.

Kashe Quest was admitted to Mensa with a IQ level of 146, Fox 11 reports.

And for comparison, the average American IQ is 100.

Kashe’s mom, Sukhjit Athwal, told Fox 11 that she can already identify all 50 states by shape and location on a map…

And the elements on the periodic table by their symbols.

Not only that, but Kashe is currently learning Spanish and can count to 100.

She also knows over 50 signs in sign language.

The toddler is even learning to read.

“We started to notice her memory was really great. She just picked up things really fast and she was really interested in learning. At about 17, 18 months, she had recognized all the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes,” said Athwal.

“At the end of the day, she’s in that toddler stage.”

“So she very much is still a normal two-year-old where we have negotiations, we have tantrums, we have everything and it’s different because the way we communicate with her, it has to be different because she’s able to understand just a little bit more,” she added.

Despite her intelligence, it is important to her mom that Kashe has a childhood…

So in doing that, she is allowing Kashe to lead the way.

“I think one of the biggest things with me and her daughter and making sure she has a childhood and we don’t force anything on her too.”

“We’re kind of going at her pace and we want to just make sure that she is youthful for as long as she can be,” she said.

Congratulations, Kashe!

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