20 Accidentally Overheard Conversations That People Just Had to Share

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I can get lost for hours in threads of overheard conversations. They’re often so random and hilarious it’s impossible (but quite fun) to try to figure out what the heck these people are talking about.

These overheard conversations are mysterious, full of quirky characters, and just downright funny.

This kid has a point. All dogs do is take, take, take, and we never get anything back. Except, you know, a furry, adorable companion who loves you unconditionally and cuddles whenever you want.

Teenagers today, amiright?! Phones today, amiright? I am right.

Who can blame this kid for wanting to be safe on his flight?! Chances are his dad wasn’t listening to the safety instructions and in case of water landing, he’d panic like the rest of us.

Wow, not exactly sure what’s going on here, but that’d be a harsh move if you threw out someone’s fingers just because they happened to cut them off in an accident. “It’s not like you can hold them now!”

This is probably my favorite short story I’ve ever read. It’s truly a masterpiece. But wait, I haven’t even gotten to the horny nuns…

Look, elderly nuns have given their lives to God. Thet 100 percent deserve a lap dance.

Teenage boys are often getting into trouble these days. It’s a real problem, challenging each other to cooking competitions and whatnot…

Um, this is brilliant. But one has to wonder how his friend found his sex playlist. I don’t think that’s the kind of thing you just label “Sex Playlist” in Spotify.

No one goes to Disneyland to have fun. You go to crush rides and decimate churros. Everyone knows that.

Look, the woman knows what she wants, and it’s a guy who will text her back within a nanosecond of her pressing send. Jake’s a real man. Unlike Voldemort and Trump…

I’ve never thought of this comparison before, but it’s actually quite apt. Both Trump and Voldemort are terribly evil and power hungry, have weird faces, and have posses that are possibly scarier than they are.

Damnit, Janet! Why do you always have to be so thoughtful and fun in your candy arrangements?! You’re making everyone else look bad, Janet!

This is funny, but here’s the thing though. What’s wrong with this guy that he was mistaken for a perp who doesn’t even wear pants?

The lesson here, folks? Don’t be afraid to: Get old. Drink wine. Go out to dinner.

There were so many twists and turns in this story about a guy listening to a story. He could have saved us all a lot of grief if he’d just been wearing headphones. In this next conversation, it becomes clear that kids are always asking the important questions…

This is a really good question, and I just so happen to know the answer. You see, kids, you look into the eye of the storm, and if there’s a — huh? No? Boy hurricanes don’t have penises? Fair enough.

I want Isabella on my team! She’s tough, honest, and she’d be a real asset in a zombie apocalypse.

The problem is, lifestyle blogging is real, and people make a bunch of money off of it. But the real issue is that one of those people isn’t me.

Here’s the difference between plants and animals though: Animals have legs. Plants couldn’t care less if there’s a fence around them. They’re not going anywhere!

The best sort of overheard conversation is the kind where other people are speaking about you in a language they don’t think you can understand but you totally can.