20 Completely Absurd #WhenITakeRevenge Tweets That Will Make You Cackle

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Revengethe action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.

For those who tend to think before they act, Twitter’s latest trending hashtag, #WhenITakeRevenge is for you. A great exercise in practicing restraint, or crowd sourcing personal vengeance. We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

#WhenITakeRevenge is a new Twitter hashtag game where you finally devise your plan to get even. Whether you ultimately choose to be the bigger person, silly, or straight-up evil — here are some of our favorite #WhenITakeRevenge tweets.

No one ever has, or ever will make the art of revenge look so damn good.

Because nothing feels more fulfilling than a happy accident. Ain’t that right, Bob?

If you’re still mad at someone for something that happened in the 90s, it might finally be time to forget about it and move on.

Whatever you so choose as your ultimate revenge, do not forget to evil laugh. The evil laugh is essentially the cherry atop your sweet revenge sundae.

What? Too soon?

We all know this one. Chocolate makes everything better.

Always give your victim the courtesy to prepare to die. Hopefully they’ll catch the reference.

This time, the ultimate revenge flick.

When it comes to revenge, would you rather act on impulse and suffer the consequences, or investigate and slowly build a case?

If you still feel bad once you’ve gotten your revenge, then I’m sorry to inform you that you’re what people often refer to as a good person.

This kind of apple a day will surely keep the haters away.

Your actions have the ability to speak volumes.

The stink eye can work quite effectively, but you must fully commit to it.

Seriously, call him. He’s very seasoned in the revenge department.

The childhood and dorm room staple.

Now ask yourself: How far would you go in order to make Shia LaBeouf proud?

Sometimes it’s fun to see how late in life ‘oops’ can still work.

Oftentimes you only commit to the act in order to celebrate with your patented revenge dance.

Like Shaggy said in 2000, “It wasn’t me.”

… or not.   What have been some of your favorite #WhenITakeRevenge posts of the day? Share those and any of your own examples in the comments below!