20 Cringeworthy Tinder Fails That Will Give You Fatal Second-Hand Embarrassment

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If we’ve learned anything from the Tinder dating app, it’s that exercising a certain degree of caution is often necessary. Sometimes, you’re able to find an engaging conversation with a person you find interesting. Other times, you might find yourself an exchange along the lines of the ‘conversations’ gathered below.

Take a look at these 20 Tinder exchanges, ranging from laugh-out-loud funny to just plain mortifying!

This guy tried to make sure he got a date…and in doing so, got none. Karma, right?

Reason #2593 to keep helicopter parents separate from your dating life!

Getting a flurry of pestering and ultimately sexual one-word messages has got to be one of the most obnoxious things to happen on Tinder.

Friendly reminder: this is a dating app you’re using, not Indeed.

Pictured above, a visceral reaction to this woman’s opinion of raisins (and her sick dried fruit burn).

This conversation veered off quickly into unexpected—and unwanted—territory.

Yes, the hat was definitely the deal-breaker in this conversation.

Novels are sometimes hard to finish.

Here we can see the clever use of a counter-pun to get out of this Tinder exchange.

…Is he okay?

This message leaves a lot to be desired in terms of grammar. Why not have some fun with it?

Just to clarify: this person was NOT aiming for a booty call. There’s a difference between the booty call and a simple text-invitation for late night intimacy. We’re not sure what it is, but they seemed pretty sure!

There’s eager, overeager, and then whatever this is.

This person turned the exchange around so fast, and we’re loving it.

We’re guessing the lesson is to avoid comparing yourself to a goblin in the initial conversation…?

Honestly, this seems like a great idea. The more the merrier! (Please don’t let recently incarcerated strangers off of Tinder crash with you.)

This person was LITERALLY just trying to turn Tinder into free Air BnB.

They couldn’t even finish the “did you fall from heaven” idiom before jumping right into the proposition.

Maximum effort, right there.

The reasoning here seems pretty watertight, right?