20 Dogs That Look Exactly Like Humans

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Dogs are the most human pet. We can all agree on that. They have complex emotions. They smile. They sometimes get annoyed with you and poop on the floor. You know, human stuff.

And don’t get me wrong; their very human nature is part of the reason we love them so much.

However, occasionally, dogs can show their human side a little too much, and it becomes unnerving. Here are 20 dogs that are acting way too much like people, to the point where it becomes creepy. F’real though, they’re still adorable.

I know it’s hard to look past the Ken-doll handsome man next to this gorgeous husky, but just look at the skeptical expression on his face. Chances are he hears that his owner is very good looking…very often.

Is this the Lou Grant of dogs? This is the Lou Grant of dogs. Grumpy but lovable forever and always.

“Dude, stop taking pictures in the mirror and scratch my back like I’m clearly asking you to do. This isn’t hard.”

Chichi has perfected the open-mouth smile just like her owner! Either that or she just gets super excited when someone says, “Say cheese!” because she thinks she’s getting a slice as a treat.

Full disclosure: This is my dog, Simon. My movie-star-posing-on-the-red-carpet dog. He’s perfect in every single way and is the best dog in all the land and I will fight you if you do not agree.

“Listen, mom, I’m going to need a bowl of kibble on the floor STAT. I’m not messing around. And then 30 minutes later, you gotta take me outside. Listen, I’m not joking around. I will poop on the carpet otherwise. We good?”

I imagine this husky is deep into being told about some juicy dog park gossip. “NO. Barbara did not say that about Jean. What did Jean say? NO! Oh my lord, what a dog!”

This smile is…too much. This dog looks like Matthew McConaughey back when he used to smile. You know, before he became a super serious True Detective slash Lincoln car commercial star.

“Yo, are we going golfing? You promised we’d go golfing. And by golfing I mean you hit the ball and I chase after it as fast as I can.”

This is Doggy Seinfeld. Bits include, “What’s the deal with Beggin’ Strips? They taste like bacon, but they’re not real bacon!”

This dog just found out that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Don’t worry bud; that’s what we have all looked like every day since November 8, 2016.

This is the face that people make when you fart in their presence. Or dogs. Dogs know farts too.

This fancy pup knows exactly how to pose for the camera and what her best angles are. Bella, you are a supermodel!

The caption for this photo says, “This dog looks like a human who was recently turned into a dog,” and it couldn’t be truer. Remember 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd? I’m convinced this is the real-life version of that show.

Although this dog does definitely look like a human in a dog costume, we love dog hugs and are so happy this muppet loves to embrace his owner this way.

This pup doesn’t have any time for your crap. Honestly, you should probably just leave the Milkbones and go.

This dog has a crazy face. Is this a dog or is this a human baby mid-werewolf transformation? Because I honestly don’t know anymore.

Look, sometimes you get uncomfortable and you have to air out your bits. Don’t blame Scooter. He’s just a dog*. *clearly a man in a dog costume

“Hm, yeah, Bill, I’m going to need those reports on my desk in the morning, and I’m going to need them to be made out of chicken and peanut butter. Thanks.”

Never has a pup been so excited for her birthday party. They say that dogs don’t exactly know what’s going on, that at their smartest, they have the comprehension level of a two-year-old, but this dog knows for sure this day is all about her. She deserves it.