How to De-Stress and Transform Your Day in an Instant | 22Words

20 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now That Will Have a Huge Impact on the Rest of Your Day

By Robin Zlotnick

Sometimes, your day gets off on the wrong foot or something happens that sours your mood, or you simply want to make each moment the best it can be! In any case, there are teeny tiny things you can do to make your day better or just more delightful.

I don't purport to have all the answers. But I know that these things have helped me salvage a day that chose the dark path instead of the bright, light one, like Belle's dad in Beauty and the Beast.

Not every one of these 20 things is probably doable right this second, but many of them are, and I swear they help. These aren't magic — but they are concrete, and while they might not all be your style, hopefully there's something on this list that resonates with you!