20 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now That Will Have a Huge Impact on the Rest of Your Day

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Sometimes, your day gets off on the wrong foot or something happens that sours your mood, or you simply want to make each moment the best it can be! In any case, there are teeny tiny things you can do to make your day better or just more delightful.

I don’t purport to have all the answers. But I know that these things have helped me salvage a day that chose the dark path instead of the bright, light one, like Belle’s dad in Beauty and the Beast.

Not every one of these 20 things is probably doable right this second, but many of them are, and I swear they help. These aren’t magic — but they are concrete, and while they might not all be your style, hopefully there’s something on this list that resonates with you!

Even if you literally have nothing to do today, I swear the act of writing a to-do list and crossing something out is its own high.

Sometimes and minute change of perspective is all we need to come up with a new idea or change our attitude about something. Also recommend lying upside-down on the couch.

Stretching your body feels so good, and you can literally do it anywhere at any time. Throw a neck roll in there and you’ll be in heaven.

Scented candles are great, but even if you dig a little tea light out of your junk drawer, a lit candle does wonders for your mood. It’s hygge embodied.

Even if it’s literally for two minutes, a walk is great. You don’t even have to go outside, though fresh air is an added bonus.

Scientifically, the best time to do this is when you’re alone in your car, but this can be done anywhere. Just be prepared for stares if you’re out in public.

This is meant to be a zero pressure thing. Only text or call someone you like that it does not feel weird to text or call. A parent, a sibling, a best friend who lives out of town…all great options. It doesn’t have to even start a whole convo! Just letting someone that means a lot to you know that you’re thinking about them will give you a little boost.

Or flip through a magazine! Importantly though, it should be a real book or a real magazine or a real newspaper. One whose pages you can feel and smell. It’s a truly lovely experience.

For me, there’s nothing that will ground me faster than focusing solely on my breathing. It totally works if you’re overwhelmed or stressed or just want to be more relaxed.

Another more…opposite…approach you could take to shaking off stress is to just let it all out. Find an empty room or take to your car and yell like you’ve never yelled before! I swear. It works.

There’s something that you’ve been eyeing for a while that would make you happy, but you haven’t “justified” buying it yet. Maybe today is the day! Maybe it’s a new notebook or a Thermos or new bed sheets. Money might not be able to buy long-term happinessbut buying something you’ve wanted for a while will certainly make you feel better today.

Write anything, really! Take five minutes out of your stressful work day and write a dirty limerick. I won’t tell anyone…unless you want to share it, of course.

Doodling is great because it can be literally whatever you want it to be. There is no pressure for a doodle to look any certain way. You could scribble black lines back and forth, and that would be a great doodle! While it might seem like a distraction, it can actually help you concentrate.

Do you get tired of people telling you to drink water all the time? I sure do. But it can help give you a little boost, it’s good for you, and if nothing else, getting up and getting a cup of water is something different to do!

This one is so fun, guys. You have no idea how much I just experiment with the filters of the day and never even record anything. Do it!

Moisturizing is so fun! Chances are you have a little thing of lotion hidden in the bottom of your bag, or if you don’t, someone around you does. Whether you need it or not, it’s a new tactile experience and you might get a nice whiff of coconut or something.

You can try to give yourself a really professional-looking manicure, or you can go a little crazy and remove it all right away. Either type of nail-painting sesh is totally cool and fun.

Plants are mood-boosters, and honestly, so is responsibility. Having a plant is like having a pet that you don’t have to feel too bad about if it doesn’t make it.

This is something I’ve struggled with. Sometimes I’ll be like, “I want to do something relaxing, but it’s not my bath time!” Here’s a secret: It doesn’t have to be your normal shower time to take a bath. In fact, it’s even better if it’s not.

Yeah, naps are wonderful, but if you can’t afford one or if trying to nap gives you anxiety (Hiiiiiii!), even just closing your eyes for a few moments is sometimes enough change the course of your day. Now that you’re done reading this, you can try it!