20 Hilarious Signs That Are All Genius in Their Own Way

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As long as there are funny signs, we’ll be able to giggle while walking down the street.

And that’s what really matters, isn’t it? So I’d like to thank these master sign-makers for their ingenuity and sense of humor.

These are all true gems of the sign world.

Get it? Bear Grylls! He’s not quite as warm and cuddly as this teddy bear, but it’s still clever.

The really incredible thing about this sign is that a whole thing of pads costs one dollar?! What is this, Christmas?!

Is it just me or does the big green guy look mighty fine in a pair of glasses with a book in his hand? Yes indeedy.

If you’re taking food recommendations from Trip Advisor, you’re not doing it right. If nothing else, this sign definitely gets me to want to try the pizza.

1000 points for the “urine” pun. And another 2000 for the depiction of a truly shocked tapir spraying pee everywhere.

We should have way more plaques for no reason at all. “In this spot in 1993, John picked his nose.”

Ah yes, the classes avocado slogan: “Great for birthdays!” What, you don’t stick a candle in an avocado every time you become older? Weird.

I would relate way harder to this song if it were actually about fried eggs. Fried eggs are glorious, can be eaten at every meal, and deserve a place in the limelight.

Listen, he asked his boss what he wanted on the sign, and his boss said, “Make up something witty about tires.” It’s not his fault he interpreted that literally.

It’s true though! Whenever I see a banana, my first thought is, “Oh boy, what a cool fruit.”

If you can’t beat ’em, make your “B” health rating part of the word “BRUNCH” and fool all your customers! That’s how the saying goes, right?

This is maybe the most ominous sign I’ve ever seen. I am now imagining these pigeons holding up people in alleyways and demanding their wallets.

“I’m forgetting something… What was it? What was it? “Eh, it’ll come to me later.”

You may not have ever thought that in your lifetime, you’d get Rick Rolled by a blackboard sign for gelato, but here we are. Crazy, right?

GOD. How dare you have your dog off-leash when there are people trying to gnaw on some kids?! The nerve.

Gotta love a snarky Emergency Exit sign. You just don’t open the Emergency Exit!

I very much appreciate this sandwich shop’s commitment to recycling and to napkin-shaming their employees. It’s called a sleeve and you shall use it to wipe mayo from your mouth.

At first glance, this may seem like a great offer, but guys, it’s actually not. The lesson here is: Don’t shoplift. In case you couldn’t figure that out.

This is the perfect thinking man’s solution to a sign that has fallen down. Remove it? Fix it? Amateurs.

Do you wish you could walk around with this sign taped to your forehead? Because I would like to do that very badly.