20 People Who Are Having a Much Worse Day Than You Are

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Life is a roller coaster. We all go through ups and downs, but it’s reassuring to know that in those tough times, we are not alone.

Chances are that somewhere, right now, someone’s having a way worse day than you.

Today, it’s these 20 fine folks.

‘The F fell off my Ford Fiesta Flame. Now I drive a Ford Fiesta Lame,” this Redditor wrote. Buddy, I hate to tell you this, but you’ve always been driving a Ford Fiesta Lame.

Don’t be like Diego. Write important dates down.

A porcupine fell out of a tree and onto this lady’s head. An unlucky split second for the porcupine, and an unlucky several painful hours for this poor woman.

Well, this is quite embarrassing. For everyone involved.

Well, this is pretty much the opposite of what cabinets are supposed to do. On the bright side, now this person is pretty much forced to do some spring cleaning. Next we have a real classic…

Doesn’t get any better than a rip in the pants. And this is a big one! They say they prepare you for anything a the academy… Wonder if they saw this one coming.

Let this be a lesson to you: Always check the dimensions.

It’s really difficult to imagine the series of events that led up to this, but when I look at this picture, all I think about how horrible it probably smells. Melted plastic and strawberry marshmallows? No thanks.

Ah yes, the age-old question: What do you do when the fire truck’s on fire? I have no idea if they figured it out or not.

Similarly, it’s quite hard to rid your house of a giant scary spider when said giant scary spider it perched atop the can of bug killer. But at least this person didn’t fall into a pool of wet cement…

This poor kid. He was already having a bad day since a scooter is a dumb vehicle, and then he goes and wipes out in wet cement. Who doesn’t put tape around a block of drying cement?

The directions on the bottle should have been more clear. This lotion only relieves stress if you do not smash the bottle on the ground.

It’s a wonder she didn’t crash! That’s not like, some small garden snake or something. That is a verified terrifying animal.

WOOF. This is probably a terrible day for both people involved, but more so for the lovesick puppy who isn’t even a glimmer of thought in the eye of the person he’s smitten with.

This is a situation that I don’t think even seat warmers would be able to solve. Might take a while to warm up the car before you have to go to work.

I think it’s safe to say that copy machines are the devil’s instruments and we should all ban them forever for the pain they cause. In other news, I just coined the term “inksplosion,” so I’m pretty proud of that.

That, my friend, is a wall of snow. Looks like this person is 100 percent stuck in house 100 for probably some time. The owl on the wall looks appropriately shocked about the situation.

“I was going to take my car to work today, but it’s been bugging out lately. As in, it is covered in bugs. Bees to be exact. I have sacrificed my car to the bees. Anyway, I’ll have a grande macchiato.”

To be one off of every lottery number is really a blessing in disguise. Bad things happen to people who win the lottery. You don’t want to win the lottery.

We call this the old Sean Spicer mix-up. Remember when he hurt his foot and was wearing a bootie but everyone thought he had just put on two different shoes that day? That was somehow more embarrassing than actually wearing two different shoes.