40 People Who Learned About Karma the Hard Way

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No matter how hard you try and avoid them, there will always be jerks in this world. And there’s nothing more satisfying than having karma step in and do exactly what you wish you could have done to them — but didn’t do because, well, karma.

Seeing these just makes you feel a little bit better…

The YouTuber who published the video in which he drops his mother broke his knee.

When you are 24 and break into a 73 yr old’s house and threaten him and his wife with a knife and didn’t know he was a boxer, a marine, and hand to hand combat instructor.virtuallEeverywhere

A friend toilet papered our car so we decided to up the level a bit for revenge.Ryman_Teaa

This is Venice city hall right after the approval of a climate change denial amendment.LorenzoBagnato

Block an electric charging station… get towed.

People must love living by the sword and then dying by the sword.

This guy been keeping me awake at night. Well guess what, it’s “Baby Shark” on 12 hour loop.thegreg76

At least there’s still Fortnite.

Mistakes were made. Many mistakes.