20 Podcasts We Will Sit in Our Driveways to Finish Because We Can’t Get out of the Car

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You might be thinking that podcasts are for old people who have nothing else to do, but I am here to say you have never been more wrong about anything in your life, except for when you had bangs in middle school. Never again.

Podcasts series are like your favorite Netflix shows that you can listen to in your car on those long commutes or have in your headphones while ignoring the burning sensation in your legs at the gym. There is a podcast for everyone, whether you’re into sports, music, murder mysteries, comedy, love stories or conspiracy theories. Here’s a random but amazing list of some podcasts that could potentially change your life.

Stories of love, loss and redemption, this podcast, produced by the New York Times, will have you hooked. These personal essays read aloud by celebrities are so addicting because of their authenticity and uniqueness. They range from goofy, to truly romantic to absolutely heart-breaking. There’s even one read by Jake Gyllenhaal and it’s all around amazing.

Two comedians attempt to remix and rewrite classic musical hits from various decades. Each episode focuses on one song that gets examined by the hosts and they make a great point that some of the best music makes absolutely no sense at all. If you love music and hilarious puns, you’ll want to check this one out.

This one is a real attention grabber. If you love mysteries, Lifetime movies and scandalous and scary relationships, Dirty John is right up your alley. Based on the true story of a Southern California woman, a journalist from the Los Angeles Times does a investigatory piece on a man who fooled her with some serious manipulation all wrapped up in fake scrubs and some dirty secrets.

If you’re interested in celebrities, old Hollywood and the history behind it all, you’re going to love this podcast. The host recalls some vintage celebrity scandals, how the city of fame got its start and the people who lost their way trying to achieve their dreams.

Hosted by writer Malcolm Gladwell, this podcast flashes back to well known but misunderstood events, people and ideas in history and attempts to get a different perspective on the story. Gladwell is clever and inquisitive, making this an easy and very interesting listen.

You ever wonder what some of your favorite artists were thinking while they wrote their albums? This podcast does exactly what it says it will; it explodes your favorite songs by bringing in the artists who sing them to further explain their artistic process.

This podcast has the awards to prove its worth, winning “Best History Podcast of 2016” as well as “Best of 2015” and “Best of 2016” for iTunes podcasts. With its tagline “Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction”, it grabs its listeners by exploring some of the creepiest events in history. All events are true and will leave you feel haunted for days. Oh and it’s now a series on Amazon Prime. Let the nightmares begin.

On a lighter note: Oprah! Need I really say more? Basically our favorite, we wish was our president, television host sits down with actors, writers and politicians to have honest and heartwarming conversations. It’s good. It’s really good. Oh and she coined the term “SuperSoul Sunday” which I am living for.

This one will get you right in the feels. Host Nora McInerny talks about sadness and how it’s okay not to be okay. She brings in guests who have experienced serious tragedy and makes the tough conversations a little easier to talk about. Real stories, real people and real emotions. It doesn’t get better than that.

You guessed it: another creepy, nightmarish podcast. Maybe I am showing some bias here, but these ones really get me hooked. The Guardian called said it might just be the world’s spookiest podcast, and I can’t help but agree. Unexplained explores mysteries that remain mysteries and how paranormal and scientific matters can sometimes haunt us when we can’t fully explain them.

You know that column in a newspaper we never read called “Dear Abby,” where normal people would write in for advice? This podcast is a modern and sincere version of that fading memory. Produced by WBUR for the New York Times, no question is too dark or too embarrassing to be talked about by the two hosts. There’s no judgement on this show, just empathy, understanding and real advice.

This could be one of the most unique podcasts ever. Produced from inside a prison by actual inmates, no internet connection and limited resources, listeners get a first-hand listen of life behind bars. A beautiful and interesting podcast that answers questions about what life is like in solitary confinement, what wardens think while at work and what makes a good cell-mate.  

Los Angeles: tourist destination for many, home for many more. This podcast explores the city of dreams and how it has changed over the years with the surplus of people moving in, causing living expenses to increase, leading to more residents getting evicted. The hosts don’t seek to solve the problems of LA or just rant about them, but honestly discuss how to make room for more and deal with the rapid changes that the city is experiencing.

Two words: live therapy. Psychotherapist Esther Perel brings in couples and does their therapy sessions, unscripted and in a one time setting. Names are changed but everything in these episodes are authentic. It does contain mature content and leaves almost nothing uncovered when it comes to what real couples deal with, the ugly and the beautiful. There’s no such thing as a perfect couple, and this gives you the behind the sheets look of real love.

What is normal for Americans to have conversation about, may sound quite different in other countries and in other languages. Average, everyday human issues connect us, but sometimes cultural difference can get in the way of us understanding each other. This podcast seeks to unite us through our similarities by conquering our differences.

Divorce, musical theater, intimacy and charm. This podcast is actually a musical that explores the theory of 36 questions that can lead to love. By using a fictional marriage that is on the brink of divorce, this podcast uses 36 questions to explore healing, love, redemption and loss, all while using music. This is an incredibly unique podcast, it actually feels like you’re sitting in a theater listening to a musical. It’s heartbreaking and authentic and, may I be bold enough to say, one of my favorite podcasts ever.

If you’re passionate about design, details and architecture, you’re going to love this podcast. Even if those things don’t interest you, you’d be surprised just how intriguing they are and this podcast proves that being attentive to these details can actually teach you a lot.

It’s like Night at the Museum, in a podcast, except a little more serious. Host Tony Cohen takes you behind the exhibits, in the shadows of the museum, telling stories that your average tour guide would know nothing about. Cohen brings in experts and historians to give us the dirty details of the exhibits in the Smithsonian that have captivated visitors for years, but we don’t even know the half of it.

Death: we all think about it, we will all experience it, but why do we not talk about it? Described as “a cynic’s guide for learning to live by remembering to die”, D.S. Moss, the show’s host, explores all things death by examining the mysticism, culture and science behind death.

Pure comedy gold by two dope queens. This one is just a little bit of everything with a whole lot of laughing in between. This podcast has blown up so much, the two hosts have been traveling doing live stand up comedy and just got picked up for their own HBO show.  You just have to listen to believe this one. Trust me.