What did parents even do before Twitter was around for them to commiserate about messy hair, messy cars, and messy rooms? (In case you weren't already aware, parenthood is filled with a lot of messes.)

Luckily for the parent of today — and for us! — Twitter exists and is the perfect place to document all the fails, successes, and everyday hilarity that comes along with having offspring.

Here are 20 of our favorite tweets all about the miracle that is bringing new life into the world (and then promptly second-guessing that decision approximately four times a day).

1. Kids are great, but food is also great. You shouldn't have to choose between the two.

All parents have a secret snack stash. It's just a fact of life.

2. Say goodbye to quiet drives forever.

We hope you also enjoy cleaning out melted crayons from all of your cupholders! You may not even own crayons, but somehow they just appear out of nowhere as soon as you have children.

3. This is the real Neverending story:

Remember when bedtime used to mean you'd finally get some rest? Yeah, that's totally out now. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to make it through the night without at least one kid climbing into your bed.

4. This is a brilliant idea!

Can this Robin Hood-like person also sign all the permission slips, do the dishes, and provide coffee on demand? 'Cause if so, we're 100 percent on-board.

5. Sometimes, you just need a place to escape to.

No matter how many times a day your kids make you smile, don't pretend that you wouldn't gladly escape to the land of missing socks and lost TV remotes for a solid 30 minutes if you got the chance.

6. Being a parent does something to you. Your brain, we mean.

As long as you're not referring to the washing machine as the "clotheswasher," you're still doing all right, friend. Hang in there. Maybe grab a beer from the "Cold Maker."

7. We've all been there:

This song is best performed by screaming children, a howling dog, and parent, quietly sobbing as they slowly lose their grasp on reality. It's a real banger. (And by that we mean it'll sometimes make you wanna bang your head against the countertop.)

8. We were so quick to judge...

And a big 'ol apology to our own mothers and fathers, too. We had no idea what they were dealing with. Now we know better.

9. The holidays are the perfect time for just the right amoung of subterfuge.

"You know what? Santa really loves it when kids ask for cheap toys that don't require any batteries or assembly. I don't know. That's just something I heard about Santa."

10. As a parent, you always have to be ready to pick your battles.

Of course, most activities usually devolve into fighting at some point. Our theory? As long as no one's bleeding, let it ride.

11. No matter how much your kids may bug you, the thought of them moving out still fills you with a little bit of dread.

But that dread is temporary. After all, you just got a new craft room/man cave/den/library/whatever your empty nester heart desires!

12. We could have sworn they were clean...once... Maybe?

Bonus fact: Every time your car is even slightly dirty, your kids will write "CLEAN ME" in the dust on your back windshield. It's just another of those Parenthood Perks.

13. Livin' the dream!

And then you can wake up and do it all over again the next day! And forget weekends! Weekends are now reserved for soccer practice and ballet recitals, just like you've always wanted.

14. Parenthood brings with it a brand new skill set.

You'll also learn the art of carefully dodging Legos and L.O.L. dolls strewn all over your living room floor. You're basically a superhero.

15. Parenthood can be explained in one simple metaphor:

And yet, you can recite Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from memory. "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, will there be enough room...in my life for normal adult things, ever again?"

16. Parenthood often takes some very delicate math.

Remember when you used to complain to your math teacher that you'd never use what they were teaching you in "real life"? Now you dream of the days of using trigonometry to solve problems.

17. You'll also gain a whole new library of things to scream.

We never thought we'd have to stop someone from placing toy cars up their nose either. But here we are.

18. Target is a haven for frazzled parents everywhere.

And when you see that mom, give her a head nod and tell her, "You're doing your best!" 'Cause goodness knows she could use the encouragement.

19. Heaven help the parent who doesn't properly separate all the food on your kids' plate.

Do you want your kid to scream and refuse to eat? 'Cause that's how you get your kid to scream and refuse to eat.

20. There are some questions you just don't ask.

Rule 1 of parenthood: Unless someone is screaming or bleeding, just don't ask. Rule 2: Refer to rule 1.