2019 is already off to a weird start in the food department. Go right ahead and ignore every diet trend, because this foodie discovery is a lot weirder than any fad you've considered starting in the new year. In fact, it's fairly disturbing– so vegans, go ahead and look away.

Apparently, fine dining has changed drastically now that we're officially in 2019. The prices are still crazy high, but people love paying a lot for a classy meal, and some fine dining restaurants enjoy pushing their culinary boundaries to please their guests. Like pushing them so far that some are starting to serve entire birds to their guests.

If you like poultry, this might be the trend for you. Heads up, there are some pretty intense images in this thread!

Birds, beware!

We all know that eating turkey and chicken is common among most cultures and can be found on dinner tables all across the country.

We all love a good turkey, don't we?

This delectable bird is the centerpiece for the most delicious holiday to ever exist, Thanksgiving. Everyone loves a roasted turkey and has no problem devouring the bird at the table.

Eating poultry is not a new trend, most of us are on board with the type of meal.

But I promise you've never seen it like this before.

Get ready to meet the ugly ducklings...

This trend is a little disturbing and some of the images may be hard to look at, so prepare your eyes for potentially cringe-worthy poultry.

This is basically fresh off the branch kind of bird.

Apparently, the wings are added for the aesthetic. I don't want to have to pick around feathers to get to my meal, but I guess some people are really into this.

It's pretty alarming to see an entire bird like that on a plate.

This plate was served at a fine dining restaurant called noma and you can find it in Denmark. It's a pretty classy place that serves some interesting dishes.

How did this even begin?

Noma isn't the source of this trend, but they are definitely a restaurant that takes serving birds to their guests very seriously.

If you're a foodie, you're about to be seeing a whole lot of this trend in the restaurant world.

I don't know if you're ready for it, but dead birds are probably going to be served on a few plates at your favorite fine dining restaurants.

Here's an uncooked chicken served with the feet and beak still attached.

A lot of the comments on this post were positive, saying things like "this looks amazing" or "that's a beautiful bird!" It seems as if lot of people approve of this trend and appreciate the culinary art behind it.

It's juicy AF!

This baby turkey that is served fried, and tied on a plate was intended to be eaten by hand by its consumer. A little intense if you ask me.

If that's your preferred eating method, then I guess that's cool.

Some people just like eating with their hands like an actual caveman, and that's okay. Forks might be overrated and who needs a knife when you've got your fingers for natural utensils?

This is just a little too much...

They are putting that purple leaf on top of the dead bird like it's a blanket or something. This is freaking me out.

Birds do not like this trend.

Birds are probably flying south fast to get away from being caught, fried and served full on a plate at some fancy restaurant in San Francisco.

Ever heard of a squab?

Squab is the most common bird that is served at these restaurants. It's basically a young pigeon and is usually served at only four weeks old. It tastes like the dark meat from a chicken.

This bird is in a unique yoga pose.

Laying on a leaf mat, it's one of the most disturbing aesthetics I've ever seen.

Birds all over the world are shook.

A whole dead bird is not the type of mood I need in 2019.

A nice pine needle blanket to cover up with.

This restaurant in LA serves a crispy bird with a fir tree topping. On second thought, I think I'll just have a side salad.

It's not easy on the eyes, that's for sure.

But the flavor and the presentation is a huge hit for those who consider themselves "fine diners."

It's really all about presentation!

The chefs uncover the bird from its tree branch blanket and serve it piece by piece, unlike some other bird dishes that are meant to be eaten by hand.

Don't worry, it gets weirder.

Here's a squab leg covered in rose petals. You can't make this stuff up, people. This really might be the weirdest trend I've ever seen.

Is there even any real meat on that thing?

Not only does it not look all that appetizing, but it's barely even a full meal! That's like two bites! There's no way that's going to fill me up.

Some chefs love this kind of stuff.

Coi, a restaurant in San Francisco, has a pretty famous chef that specializes in this type of poultry.

Chef Erik Anderson is the man behind the feathers.

Erik Anderson cooks the birds and displays them in the feathery manner that gets so much attention from the folks that travel far and wide to experience and photograph it.

Heads up, there's more.

Some guests had the chance to view and eat bird heads. I mean, this just feels so wrong.

That sent me over the edge!

I'm officially grossed out. You will not find me ordering this at any restaurant, no matter how fine this dining is.

Now they are just pushing the limits.

As if all that weren't enough, you can also get your dish served in a real egg with a webbed foot ceramic holder.

Well now we know what we don't want to eat.

My 2019 goal is to avoid this dish at all costs. Hopefully, these photos don't haunt me for the rest of my life.

Trying not to judge people for this trend but...

It's very hard not to. This is just too weird for me to jump on board with.

But you can also put all of it in a bowl for your friends and family, if you're into that kind of thing.

The legs just scattered around the edges might just be the creepiest thing I've ever seen. If I were at a dinner party and they served this I think I might excuse myself from there.

If this was your face the whole time, you aren't alone.

It's difficult to see these images, let alone imagine yourself eating it.

Or maybe you're drooling and can't wait to try this for yourself.

Everyone has different taste buds, and that's fair. I'm going to stick with some classic mac and cheese for a while.

Other food trends to expect

There are some other pretty incredible food trends that analytic experts are talking about for the future of food business in 2019 and their answers are pretty interesting. Forbes did a piece about what we foodies can expect on our plates this year.

Now this I can get on board with.

Whole birds didn't make this list, but items like oat milk, vegan jerky, orange wine and monkfruit sweetener are at the top of the list.

Wine and oat milk lattes? Not so bad.

Maybe these trends will save us all in 2019. As long as I get an oat milk latte or a glass of orange wine, I think I'll be just fine.

2019, please be good to us.

We just want yummy food trends and good memes. Is that too much to ask? Let's hope this whole dead bird thing doesn't ruin our hopeful 2019 mood.