22 Kitchen Gadgets That Minimize Dishwashing

I love to cook, but I hate the mess it makes: splattered countertops, spattered stovetops, pans that need to soak all weekend to get clean.

Fortunately, there’s a whole world of product design to minimize cleanup in the kitchen. From collars for your pots that’ll keep your stovetop spotless, to simple clips that put a garbage bag anywhere, these gadgets will help to minimize the pain of post-dinner dishwashing.

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This Clip-On Bag Holder That Puts A Garbage Bag Wherever You Need It

  via : eBay  

No more conveying handfuls of mushroom stems and onion peels across the entire kitchen (some of which you will, inevitably, drop). With the Lunies hanging trash bag holder, you’ll just scrape all the scraps right off the counter in the trash where they belong. Find it on Amazon


This Jokari Hands-Free Bag Holder Will Make Spilled Leftovers A Thing Of The Past

  via : eBay  

No more holding the ziploc open with one hand and quickly shoveling leftovers with the other. Jokari’s ultra-simple gadget holds the bag for you, easy bagging a breeze. And with easy bagging comes easy leftovers, and clean countertops. Find it on Amazon


This Folding Cutting Board Will Prevent Any Spilled Vegetables

  via : Joseph Joseph  

This versatile gadget by Joseph Joseph transports your chopped ingredients safely to their delicious destination. That’s one less bowl you’ll use to convey your cauliflower. Find it on Amazon

This Divided Skillet Does The Work Of Four Pans

  via : MasterPan  

Why cook with five pans, when one Master Pan skillet will do? It’s even non-stick, so the pain of cleanup will be momentary, and fleeting. Find it on Amazon

The Frywall Splatter Guard Will Keep Your Stovetop Nice And Clean

  via : Frywall  

There’s nothing worse than scrubbing greasy buildup off your stovetop. Stock up on one Frywall per pan, and you won’t have to. Find it on Amazon

This Vidalia Shopper Pro Will Render Your Cutting Board Unnecessary

  via : Mueller  

Stop crying over chopped onions, and chop all the veggies with the Vidalia Chopper Pro. Find it on Amazon

This Clip-On Strainer Will Make Your Colander Feel Ignored

  via : eBay  

It’s time to disrupt the tired pot-to-colander-to-pot paradigm with this clip-on strainer. Find it on Amazon

This Adorable Yellow Blob Takes The Mess Out Of Separating Eggs

  via : Tovolo  

Separating eggs can be messy, and cleaning dried egg whites off your tile countertop is basically a living, waking nightmare. Make it easy with this cute yellow silicone blob. Find it on Amazon

This Microwave Pasta Maker That’ll Never Boil Over

  via : Lekue  

Not only will this Lekue Pasta Cooker save you water, it’ll also save you the inconvenience of washing yet another pasta pot. Make good use of your microwave. Find it on Amazon

This Gorgeous Nesting Kitchen Set Will Add Clean Order To Your Cluttered Cabinets

  via : Joseph Joseph  

More than just a (really) pretty face, the Joseph Joseph nesting set saves valuable cabinet space. Which means you’ll spend less time hunting for the bowl you need, and more time eating the delicious food you ate. Find it on Amazon

Never Wash Your Oven Or Grill Again With These Non-Stick Oven Liners

  via : FitFabHome  

As anyone who’s had the distinct displeasure of attacking a graveyard of food carbonized to the bottom of their oven knows, cleaning the oven stinks. These BPA-free non-stick oven liners sit there, catching errant cheese shreds and casserole drippings before they can fuse themselves to your oven or grill. And best of all, they wash clean and last (nearly) forever. Find them on Amazon

This Appropriately Themed Bacon Case Prevents Bacon Juice Drips And Will Save Your Bacon

  via : Joieshop  

Beyond its cute looks, the Joie Oink Oink Bacon Case makes for an easy, drip-free way to store your most delicious of cured porks. Find it on Amazon

This Clip-On Spoon Rest Will Keep Drops Where They Belong

  via : Trudeau  

When drips of sauce meet a hot stovetop, crusty nastiness ensues. The Trudeau Flex Pot Clip will help you avoid crusty nastiness. Find it on Amazon

These Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats That’ll Keep Your Pans Looking Brand New

  via : Silpat  

There are a lot of options in the world of non-stick silicone baking mats (and it’s quite a world), but these French-made Silpat mats are at the top of the heap for serious bakers. Find them on Amazon

This Durable Strainer Which Makes Your Sink A De Facto Garbage Can

  via : Joieshop  

Peeling carrots? Crushing garlic? Happily fill up the sink with the shavings and peels, then use the water to wash them into the Doodledoo sink strainer basket. Find it on Amazon

This Gripping Spatula That Makes Clean Work Of Food Flipping

  via : eBay  

Bye-bye broken yolks. This patented egg spatula helps you get a grip on hard and messy-to-flip foods, helping you relegate the food and its mess to where it belongs: in the pan. Find it on Amazon

This Elegant Oil Sprayer That Directs Your Oil Exactly Where You Want It

  via : Misto  

Be done with your oil-caked bottles of olive oil. The top-selling Misto sprays your oils (or vinegars, juices, even wines) in a fine aerosol mist, wherever you need them most. Find it on Amazon

Minimize Dishware With These Colorful Nordic Ware Trays

  via : Nordicware  

Sure, they might make you feel like you’re eating in a cafeteria, but for those of us who prize convenience over elegance (and/or just really like to eat dinner on the couch), these Nordic Ware trays are a blessing. And by serving directly to the trays, you remove the entire assortment of servingware from the dish-washing equation. Find them on Amazon

This Highly Evolved Cutting Board That’ll Catch All Your Choppings

The Chef’n Prepstation is designed to let you cut, carry and even rinse your prepped ingredients, all in one place. And the removable drawers (one a colander) let you transport your goods drop-free to their destination. Find it on Amazon

This Ultra-Sharp Mandoline With A Box To Catch All Your Slicings

  via : eBay  

Mandolines are a secret way to slice, dice and julienne produce at a lightning pace. And with this 9-in-1 mando, you’ve got a nice clear case to catch them all (and store the blades when not in use). Find it on Amazon

This Handheld Machine That’s Dedicated To Breaking Your Eggs

  via : eBay  

It’ll also separate your eggs, and possibly terrify or confuse your friends and family. Find it on Amazon

This Silicone Bread Maker Takes The Mess Out Of Baking

  via : Amazon  

It’s even dishwasher safe, so you’ll be baking clean from here on out. Find it on Amazon