21 Problem-Solving Products That’ll Make Life Less Annoying

Life is full of annoying little problems. Sinks get clogged too quickly. Phone batteries never last long enough. Spouses can’t seem to fall asleep without the sound of the television blaring long into the night (that’s everyone, right?)

Fortunately, there’s a whole world of solutions out there, and most of them are available on Amazon.

From flip-flops that can open any bottle, to multi-tools that’ll last a lifetime, our top problem-solvers may not change your life, but they will make it easier.

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).


This Wildly Popular Battery Bank Will Save You From Portable Power Outages

  via : Anker  

Anker is the king of battery packs these days, so you can’t go wrong with their lipstick-sized ultra portable power solution. Find it on Amazon


This Miraculous Moldable Rubber That’ll Fix Whatever You Break

  via : Sugru  

Who wouldn’t love the ability to fix basically anything around the house? Sugru is an air-drying moldable rubber that’ll fix frayed power cords and add a rubber handle to anything. If nothing else, it looks fun as hell to play with. Find Sugru on Amazon


These Hardy Reef Flip Flops With A Built-In Bottle Opener So You Can Open Any Bottle Anywhere

  via : Reef  

Sure, these sandals won’t win you any fashion contests, but living with a built-in bottle opener is worth it. Find them on Amazon


This Handy Little Adapter Will Turn Your Favorite Headphones Into Bluetooth Headphones

  via : Avantree  

You don’t have to sacrifice those expensive Bose headphones you bought at Brookstone in the late ’90s just to enter the modern era of bluetooth headphones. Just plug those Boses into this Avantree adapter, and they’re immediately empowered with the wireless abilities of bluetooth. Find it on Amazon


These Hilarious Squirrel Feeder Will Force Squirrels To Amuse You

  via : Accoutrements  

Squirrels are cute. Squirrels with tiny horse heads are cuter. Squirrels with tiny unicorn heads are even MORE better. Find the Horse Head on Amazon Find the Unicorn Head on Amazon


This Handy Clip-On Device That Lets You Add A Cupholder To Anything

  via : eBay  

Sorry, but no coffee table, desk or other flat surface is truly complete without a cup holder. Find it on Amazon


The Roku Streaming Device Will Make Cord-Cutting Painless

  via : Roku  

You can save serious cash every month by trading your cable subscription for a top-quality streaming device. Our pick is the Roku 4, which combines 4K resolution with a lightning-fast processor, industry-leading interface, and even boasts a headphone jack in the remote, for when you wanna watch Game Of Thrones full-blast but don’t wanna wake the kids. Find the Roku 4 on Amazon


This Digital Photo Frame Which Can Display Any Photos You Send To It From Anywhere In The World

  via : Nixplay  

The Nixplay Seed line of digital photo frames has wifi built-in, meaning you can populate this frame with any number of pictures you send to it, from anywhere in the world. Find it on Amazon


This Most Practical Of Fitbits That’ll Track Your Fitness And Heart Rate And Also Act As A Watch

  via : Fitbit  

Not only is the Fitbit Charge 2 a top-notch fitness tracker, it also monitors your heart rate, and triples as a handsome, low-profile wristwatch. Find it on Amazon


This Compact Fridge That’ll Let You Keep Your Cold Ones Cold Wherever You Roam

  via : Gourmia  

With its built in AC/DC transformer, this itsy-bitsy Gourmia fridge can be powered through wall outlets and vehicle cigarette lighters alike. So no matter where you choose to drive, sail or scurry off to, you can keep six of your favorite canned beverages ice-cold. Find it on Amazon


This Compact Comb Card So You’ll Never Have A Hair Out Of Place Or A Bottle You Can’t Open

  via : Go Comb  

The Go Comb would be cool enough if it was just a comb, but once you add the built-in bottle opener, it enters serious problem-solving territory. Find it on Amazon


This Grill Mat So You’ll Never Have To Scrub The Grill Again

  via : eBay  

With this set of five grill mats, you’ll never have to waste valuable time scrubbing your grill grates again. Find it on Amazon


This Versatile Flash Drive That’ll Double The Memory On His Phone

  via : Sandisk  

The SanDisk iXpand works with both smartphones and computers for seamless data backup, access and transferring. Open up that camera app and snap away. Find it on Amazon


This Classic Leatherman So You’ll Have Every Type Of Tool At Your Disposal

  via : Leatherman  

The Leatherman is the perfect problem-solving tool: affordable, compact, and pretty much exhaustive in its offerings. It’s the utility of a toolbox in the footprint of a pocket knife. Find it on Amazon


This High-Tech Ring Video Doorbell So You Can Keep A Close Eye On The Security Of Your Kingdom

  via : Ring  

A person’s home is his castle, and with the Ring video doorbell, you can keep an eye on his castle’s visitors from anywhere on earth via your smartphone. Find it on Amazon


This Waterproof Note Pad So You Can Keep Track Of Every Great Idea No Matter Where You Are

  via : Aquanotes  

This waterproof notepad is perfect for keeping track of shower inspirations, or posting sigh-worthy jokes for the next lucky bather. Find it on Amazon


This Popular Smart Lock That’ll Make Misplaced Keys Irrelevant

  via : August  

Turn your house into a 21st century paradise with this August Smart Lock. Simple to install and set up, the August Smart Lock is easily opened via your smartphone. Pair it with the popular Ring Video Doorbell, and you’ll think you’re living in the future. Find it on Amazon


This Popular Rubber Mushroom Will Keep Your Pipes Clean

  via : Tubshroom  

The TubShroom will catch any kind of hair: human, dog, cat, sasquatch. Your pipes have never been this clean. Find it on Amazon


This Magic Tap Dispenser Deliciously Dispenses Drinks

  via : eBay  

Sure, it may be an As-Seen-On-TV product, but the MagicTap is one of our favorites that’s actually worth buying. Find it on Amazon