21 Tattoo Fails That Are So Bad, You Can't Help But Laugh | 22 Words

Everyone's got tattoos these days, it seems. Of course, just because more people are getting them doesn't mean the quality is actually getting better.

In fact, I can't imagine tattoos any WORSE than the ones listed below. Maybe they were done in prisons or they were tattoo selfies. I don't know the reason, but I do know that if these people can afford it, they should get to a laser removal clinic ASAP.

That's truly terrible...and confusing.

It's the Ford Mustang running over a Chevy logo...and...? Tip: Don't get corporate logos tattooed on your body ever.

I dunno, that font is pretty regrettable.

Were those all done with someone's non-dominant hand?

Dallas Cowboys and....(I have no idea.)

And there's not stronger or more courageous animal than a tiny bird, right?

The ones go at the back of the wad you're flashing, sir. But that's probably the least of your worries.

Was someone trembling when they did this? Not a straight line anywhere.

Nike + Nike's Jordan Brand = Love? Whatever.

Hungry for...armpits?

Even a two-year-old would be disappointed with this work.

That's more of a correction, and a kinda funny one at that.

When you're sad, but you put on a brave face to go out with your friends.

That's a very skinny fist.

I don't know what that means. At all.


"Make my body look like an Android menu screen."


I think that's supposed to be a cyborg, but...yikes.

Subject-predicate agreement can be hard sometimes.

Ohhhhh. So close!