Officials have had to step in after 216 wolves were brutally killed in Wisconsin...

The news comes after the Trump administration scrapped protections for the animals.


Read on to find out all the harrowing details.

Now, we're all pretty much aware of the brutality that comes with hunting...

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And did you know that the majority of these poor animals are bred specifically to be hunted?

Yep, many animals live their lives for the purpose of being shot dead.

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How is this allowed?!

But sadly, hunting is a way of life for many.

According to Animal Matters, in the United States alone more than 100 million animals are killed by hunters every year and things have recently gotten worse in the country.

Trophy hunting literally involves shooting and killing animals for fun.


The poor animal is then displayed as a trophy and is often sold for a lot of money to be made into taxidermy.

Many argue that trophy hunting is actually helping the critically endangered species...

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And even though it is still legal in some places like Africa, a larger percentage continue to argue that trophy hunting is nothing other than a wealthy man's sport that is there to make people feel powerful and in control.

It's devastating to see so many beautiful animals perish at the hands of us humans.

When will people come to their senses and see what they're doing is unbelievably cruel?

And in the States, things have gotten worse...


Recently, Wisconsin officials have been forced to intervene after 216 wolves were killed in a matter of days.

And the news has caused shockwaves all around the world.


People are all saying the same thing...

Hunters blew the restriction of 119 wolves after a week of "prolonged hunting."


Statistics have shown that this is 82% more than the maximum cap that had been placed by the state.

According to a spokesperson for the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, this is a "stark example of mismanagement."

They told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this: "This season trampled over tribes' treaty rights, the Wisconsin public, and professional wildlife stewardship. It will go down as a stark example of mismanagement, and the problems that can be expected when the state Legislature and the courts embrace special interest groups over the public as a whole."

The news of the killings comes after the Trump administration disregarded the protections over a month ago.


Megan Nicholson, a director of the Humane Society of the United States, called the callous killings "a "deeply sad and shameful week for Wisconsin."

The state initially had the max number set to two-hundred before reducing it after they realized that number accounted for 20% of the state's overall wolf population.


The Ojibwe people in the area helped to reduce the number after they emphasized how sacred the animals are to their culture. The group can be found primarily in the Midwest of the country as well as areas of Canada.

They spoke out, saying this:


"To many Ojibwe communities, hunting in late February, a time when fur quality is poor and wolves are in their breeding season is regarded as especially wasteful and disrespectful."

But it was no use, as the numbers surpassed two-hundred in Wisconsin and these are just the ones that have been reported.


Officials are unfortunately looking for more suspected victims. They also added that dogs were used to track down the wolves and because it had snowed in the area, it was easier to track the animals down.

​DNR officials have claimed they "did not expect this to happen" and regret not shutting it down earlier.

The situation is now being monitored but even so, animals rights and wildlife organizations have said that if the overall population does not recover from this tremendous blow, then the wolves can face extinction.

We've seen evidence of this in the mid-1900s.

The native animals were wiped out due to hunting, trapping, and bounties. In 1970, they started recovering only to face an event like this again. It's just heartbreaking.

Let's just hope some stricter regulations are put in place.


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