23 Pompous Idiots Who Genuinely Thought They Were Being Smart at the Time

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Most of the time, intelligent people don’t feel the need to proclaim their intelligence on social media. In fact, it tends to be the less-than-brilliant people who are constantly trying to prove their intelligence, both in social situations and online for the world to see.

The following 23 people are trying really hard to convince you that they are, in fact, total geniuses. And it’s as hilarious as it is infuriating.

The Einstein at #19 is especially cringe-worthy.

Should a guy with a mustache like that really be in a position to insult people? We think not.

Let this be a lesson to us all: Don’t post lies about school if you have classmates in the same Art History class that could point out what a gigantic liar you are. That’s the opposite of being smart.

This shower thought should remain in the shower. If you’re the only one who can understand your “dry wit” then you’re probably less of a comedian and more of a jerk.  

Maybe it’s just us, but YOLO seems to roll off the tongue a lot easier than…that. Plus, using “peasants” as an insult? That’s so 19th century.

Color us surprised that this woman is still single. She seems like she’d be a barrel of laughs and wouldn’t intentionally make you feel stupid at all.

We’re guessing this person is so against laughter because he’s experienced a lot of it in his life. And most of it at him after saying things like this.  

While we love Tyrion, he’s probably not the best role model for a 15-year-old. Also, should a 15-year-old really be watching Game of Thrones?

Thanks for ruining the solar eclipse for everyone, Neil. You’d think he’d be happy that so many people are actually excited about something science-related and leave it at that.  

We all know that IQ tests on the Internet are totally legit. Before you post something like this, ask yourself these questions: Is this an obvious lie? Could someone make me look stupid as a result of this post?

It’s a joke, dude. Also, someone is obviously getting some good use out of that old thesaurus from high school.

By “that one guy” you mean “that one guy everyone hates,” right? What’s the point of even going to concerts if you’re going to do this?  

It’s a bold move to use your own quote in your yearbook. She’s right about one thing, though: she definitely stands out. But it’s not so much for being “at the top” as it is for being completely full of herself.  

Maybe it’s time to find yourself another hobby, genius. Having to work at a consumer electronics store is punishment enough without you tormenting them.

This tweet makes us physically sick as well. It seems pretty likely that this woman is getting her PhD solely for the bragging rights.

An arrogant jerk with zero sense of humor? This guy is on his way to becoming a great lawyer.

Here’s an idea: Maybe your jokes just aren’t funny! Or is that too nuanced of a concept for you to wrap your exceptional brain around?

And with one comment, little Suzie’s dreams of the future were swiftly and mercilessly pulverized. Just wait until you get out of the college and have to survive in the REAL world, dude.

God’s Gift to Women should just give up on finding a partner who can match his intellectual prowess. You’d think someone with such an impressive mind would know how to use a comma.

First off, right, we’re sure this conversation 100% happened. Secondly, if this guy is making people uncomfortable, it’s definitely not because of his sweaters.

Maybe the real reason you don’t watch “sportsball” is because no one wants to watch “sportsball” with such a pompous, self-congratulatory ass. Touchdown!  

This is one of those beautiful instances where someone proves how stupid they are while trying to prove how smart they are. We have so many questions. How do you “own” intelligence”? What does Snapchat have to do with anything? How do you have “quite a few of” intelligence?

There are a lot of stupid excuses people use for smoking weed, but this may be the most hilariously awful one of all. No one wants to smoke with such an insufferable know-it-all. They’ll definitely kill your buzz.

This is the same M. Night Shyamalan that brought us the trainwreck film Lady in the Water, right? Just making sure.