24 Messy Pizza Delivery Fails That Will Straight-Up Break Your Heart | 22 Words

When you're hungry, food is no laughing matter. And few things are worse than shelling out money, then waiting 45 minutes, only to find that your beloved, anticipated pizza has been grossly mishandled.

Most of the time, it's by the delivery guy, but sometimes, the screw-up takes place at the show with a bewildering take on your order. Either way, it's tragic and gut-wrenching, as you'll see below.

Were these pizzas baked in a vibrating oven?

Unless you ordered "no toppings, not even cheese"....they messed up.

Even if you ordered chicken (WHY?), that's a LOT of chicken.

That's what you get when you expect Pizza Hut to do a spinach pizza.

Did they bake have this pizza on the sun with no cheese?

*Delivery driver does Macarena with pizza box*

"It's fine. Take one. They'll never know."

To be fair, it was ruined the second you added pineapple to it.

(I think it's overcooked.)

When you cut the pizza one slice at a time...like a weirdo.

What even happened here?

This still looks good as hell...

One pizza, extra well-done.

Hope you like your pizza...DRY!

Where did that extra stuff even come from?

I honestly see no problem whatsoever with this pizza. Internet, is there something offensive we're missing?

When a calzone and a pizza love each other very much...

Ridiculously sparse toppings, but other than that, I see a quality pie at its core.

Why does this always happen with frozen pizzas?

I bet that was gonna be one awesome pizza, too.

"I only want pepperoni with my crust, please."

"Can I do just 3/4 pepperoni?"

Again, not sure what the issue is here, but if you don't want it, I'll take it.

"Thank you for ordering Papa John's" *throws pizza against wall casually*