24 Times Very Dim People Advertised Their Crimes on Facebook...and Regretted It | 22 Words

We use social media to share all sorts of stuff in our lives. Often, we use it to beam with pride over our accomplishments.

There's nothing wrong with that at all, but when your accomplishment is a crime, it would probably be in your best interest to keep your actions off of Facebook. Still, some people just can't help themselves, so if you're looking for any of them now, your best bet is to check the local jail.

Well, he just cut right to the chase, didn't he?

They, uh, might be looking for you.

"Classic." Ugh.

Grandma, NO!

Love has several legal boundaries, and you may have crossed one of them.

Oh, man. I don't know what to think's going on with "I lost my cell at the bar." Is this him? A prank?

:)) for reckless endangerment of fellow drivers.

You didn't help the person, but you snapped a pic for Facebook. SMH.

Well, this is a very unique story!

Yeah, this doesn't reflect very well on you.

TIL some people feed kids batteries for kicks.

He clearly cares more about bragging than protecting his freedom.

You, uh, shouldn't do that.

For sale: One passport, slightly used.

Welp, this will be evidence!

Please STOP gaming while driving home.

I wonder what gave her away...

The perfect crime. Wait. No. The least perfect crime.

Imma rob this house, but first...a selfie.

In case you were wondering...

You'd think the passenger would be scared enough to do more than just post on social media.

Zafeer is VERY forward with his Facebook friends.

You're proud of that?

Man, people really let vanity get in the way of their better judgment, don't they?