A girl in Russia was tragically killed as a result of her phone falling into her bath while it was left on charge.

Keep scrolling to learn more about this devastating story, and the true danger that mobile phones bring...

We probably couldn't live without our smartphones...

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And, even if it means charging them up every few hours and taking a charger out and about with us - our clever little devices are totally worth it.

Smartphones do an awful lot of jobs and tasks for us...

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So it's no wonder that they need charging up so often!

If you think about what actually goes on inside a phone...

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The mechanism works at such high speeds that it is, of course, going to warm up slightly - especially when being put on charge.

It has been found that overuse of certain apps causes smartphones to heat up...

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Using features such as the camera, WiFi, and display brightness are common factors in the over-heating of smartphones.

But the most common factor in phones over-heating?

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Charging. While the majority of smartphones only heat up slightly, there have been many reported cases of smartphones getting extremely hot to the point where they begin smoking or even set on fire.

There have been numerous reports of smartphone owners receiving injuries and burns from their phones...

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Writing on Reddit, a Samsung smartphone owner explained that her phone completely froze and shut down. She went to put it on charge, but, within seconds, the whole thing "went up in flames." Luckily, the woman used a couple of nearby towels to distinguish the flames, but she ended up with burns on her hands.

More and more issues have arisen over the years about charging phones...

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It is often stressed to never leave your phone charging overnight, especially by fire services all around the world. A fire chief from the U.K warned that we must never plug our phones in overnight after having dealt with houses being completely engulfed in flames - all caused by one smartphone.

Many do not realize it, but leaving a phone plugged in for long periods of time is extremely dangerous...

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“Never leave items on charge or unattended for long periods – and ensure the plug to the charger is switched off even if it’s not connected to your phone/electrical item," the fire chief of Leicester Fire Department said.

Falling asleep next to a smartphone is an extremely common occurrence...

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Sleeping with phones in bed was also advised against.

But there's another big danger to phone charging...

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Because a charging phone mixed with water can cause real peril - as this story shows.

Olesya Semenova was a twenty-four-year-old shop worker from Arkhangelsk, Russia...

And she tragically died this week when her charging iPhone fell into her bath.

She was discovered by her flatmate.

Semenova was pale, cold, and did not show any signs of life.

"I was really scared. When I touched her, I got an electric shock."

"There was a smartphone in the water, it was charging."

Emergency services were called, but Semenova was declared dead upon their arrival.

She had been relaxing in the bath when her plugged-in iPhone 8 fell into the water, causing an electric shock.

The tragedy has caused the Russian emergency services to issue a statement.

"The tragedy once again reminds us that water and an electrical appliance connected to the mains are incompatible," it reads.

“The same applies to any mobile device."

"If you drown a smartphone, the worst thing is its failure."

"But when it is connected to the network, we see what the consequences are."

The message is clear: don't mix mains electricity with water, ever.

It's easy to forget how dangerous an iPhone can be.

But not respecting their potential danger can clearly result in total tragedy.

Carelessness costs lives.

The only hope is that Semenova's death could help prevent others in the future.

So remain careful when operating electric items - particularly when in water!

But, tragically, this isn't the only time an iPhone has cost someone their lives...