24-Year-Old Welcomes 21 Babies in Just Over a Year

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A twenty-four-year-old woman has welcomed twenty-one babies into her family in just over a year…

She is now a mom-of-twenty-two children, all aged 6 and under.

And she doesn’t plan to stop expanding her family any time soon…

Now, all parents can agree that welcoming a child into the world is an amazing experience.

The whole thing is simply magical and it truly releases the inner warriors in women after a grueling 9 months of pregnancy.

The labor isn’t so magical, however…

The labor of childbirth is known for being one of the most painful things that the human body can experience.

It is the one thing that many women simply dread.

A combination of intense muscle tightening, abdomen cramps, pain in the torso and pelvic area, back pain, contractions from the uterus, and, eventually, pushing a baby out of your body… It’s certainly no walk in the park!

But of course, having a happy and healthy baby is totally worth the pain…

And some parents want as many children as possible.

Well, this is what brings us back to today’s story.

Twenty-four-year-old Kristina Ozturk and her husband, Galip Ozturk have welcomed twenty-one babies to their family in just over a year.

Kristina is now a mom of twenty-two children, including her 6-year-old daughter, Vika, from a previous relationship.

And it’s received mixed opinions from people online…

Kristina and Galip paid surrogates around $195,754 between March 2020 and July 2021, The Sun reports.

They welcomed their twenty-first child, 3-month-old Judy, to the brood recently.

Their family also consists of; Mustafa who is nineteen months, Mariam who is eighteen months, Ayrin who is eighteen months, Alisa who is eighteen months, Hasan who is seventeen months, Judi, who is seventeen months, Harper who is sixteen months, Teresa who is sixteen months, Huseyin who is sixteen months, and Anna who is fifteen months.

They also have Isabella, who is fifteen months, Ismail, who is fourteen months, Mehmet and Ahmet, who are also fourteen months, Ali and Kristina, who are thirteen months, Sara and Lokman, who are 1, Galip, who is eleven months and Olivia, who is 9 months.

Kristina also has a 6-year-old daughter, Vika.

As you can imagine, Kristina has her hands quite full and that’s even with the help of sixteen live-in nannies.

Kristina spends around $96,000 per year for sixteen nannies to help her with her enormous brood, The Sun reports.

As per The Sun, Kristina’s nannies live in the house where they work on a schedule of working 4 days with 3 days off.

Each has a bedroom near the children, making it easy to get to them when necessary, and they have a kitchen of their own for ordering food, the outlet reports.

Kristina recently opened up about how the system works with nannies in an Instagram Q&A where she was asked if each nanny is “assigned to a particular child.”

No, there are no bindings,” she said. “During the day – of course, a specific one is responsible for a specific child. But during the week the nannies change.”

Speaking with Fabulous, Kristina previously insisted that she is a hands-on mom despite having so many nannies.

She told the outlet that she is “with the kids all the time, doing all the things that mums normally do.”

“The only difference is the amount of kids. Each day is different, from planning staff schedules to shopping for my family,” she said. “I can tell you one thing – my days are never boring.”

During the Q&A, Kristina was also asked how she is able to spend quality time with each child when there’s so many, to which she answered: “Many times I have been asked how I have enough for each child, whether I devote time alone to each.”

“Yes. We have a special bond with every child. I wish every parent to be able to spend all their time with their children, because this is the most important thing in life.”

While some people may not agree with Kristina’s decision to have so many children, it’s something she has “dreamed about this since childhood.”

“My husband also dreamed about having a big, happy family,” she told Fabulous at the time. “So after we met, we started to put our dream into action. Our romantic relationship has changed but then our whole lives have changed, not just the romantic part.”

What do you think of Kristina’s decision to have a big family?