25 Gorgeous Women Being Total Badasses

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Have you ever heard that quote, “Ginger Rodgers did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in heels”? Women are particularly amazing, and it’s not just Ginger. All of the women in this list show off their impressive and incredibly varied skills and look great doing them.


Most of us can’t even lift a weight that heavy with two arms, but not this woman. An absolute boss.

She has a special handshake for each student as they enter class. Look, closely, every student’s handshake is personalized. Some have hip bumps, foot work, even dabs. Every handshake ends with a hug before they go into the classroom. What an awesome teacher.

It just keeps going! She tumbles so hard her ponytail falls out! Even her ponytail elastic is like “I can’t keep up with this.”

This woman shimmies down the drain like a pro to save a kitten!

If you want the best seat in the house, bring your own chair. Oh, and be an insanely fearless rock climber like this woman.

In this video she shows a man on the subway what’s up when he drops the ball.

María Lorena Ramírez won the race in Puebla, Mexico. She had no formal running training, but does work herding goats and cattle and walks up to 15 kilometers a day. María is Tarahumara, a Native American group known for their amazing running abilities.

Did you get chills watching this? Look at how perfectly they need to land in order to stay on the seesaw.

Those bubbles are so perfect! This is a very soothing gif, will watch all day.

And yet, most of us still wouldn’t be brave enough to drop into that tube.

Some people are pros at sports, others are math whizzes, or rockstar musicians, and then there are some with just raw, pure eating talent. And we stand in awe.

This barmaid is not messing around. She will get you your beer without spilling a drop of that precious liquid.

This is absolutely insane.

Definitely not someone you want to mess with.

Those roller skating skills are definitely beyond skating in a circle underneath a disco ball to bad seventies music.

It’s not clear which one of these women is more impressive, the woman who can lift another person above her head or the woman who can keep her body stiff enough to be a human weight.

Michelle Griffith is a yoga teacher and slackliner who regularly slacklines over canyons like this in Utah.

Mimi Choi’s makeup designs are like nothing you’ve ever seen. How is this even possible? Does your brain hurt, too?

There’s so much going on in this photo, all of it impressive.

Serious flying skills! Some of us can barely fly a kite, okay?

Someone deserves a raise.

While the horse is moving?! This woman does!

Shemika Charles is a Guinness World Record holder for the lowest limbo dance ever. She might be a superhero.

If your stomach didn’t drop a little watching this video, you might not be 100% human.

Bruce Springsteen certainly looks impressed.