25 Photos of Things Organized Neatly That Will Deeply Satisfy the OCD in You

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You don’t have to have OCD to find organization appealing and even soothing. If the idea of organized objects doesn’t sound soothing to you, these images will change your mind.

The slices of citrus fruits reveal perfectly segmented circles divided into perfectly organized cells. Add the color gradient to the already delightfully organized fruit and you’ve got visual nirvana. See? Organization feels good.

Photographers, collectors, and stylists work together to create these images of perfectly organized objects. Anything can be their subject. Sometimes the most unlikely objects can be beautiful.

These perfectly organized autumn leaves prove that adding organization to something that’s already pretty good makes it better. Suddenly OCD makes more sense.

This is from The British Museum. It’s an image of 4,000 years worth of different currencies. Think of all the hands and lives these coins touched! And now they can rest in organized perfection.

How pleasing is it when nothing is out of place? One misplaced umbrella would ruin it all.

Blue objects that have been found find new life as a neatly organized still life. Why is it so satisfying? No need for questions. Just enjoy it.

But if you are a shoe person a little bit of you died of jealousy. Isn’t it beautiful?

I’m not saying ice cream is hard to sell on it’s own. After all, ice cream! But laid out like this it’s even more appealing.

I don’t know why symmetry and pattern is relaxing, but it is. I could watch this all day. Thank you to the people who create these perfect patterns.

This domino placing machine is perfect. I’d like a machine for every type of object in my house. Think of all the neatness!

The steady hand and patience required to create such a perfect domino pattern is breathtaking. I could never do it. All that work for one shot at knocking it all down. But when it works, it’s amazing.

It’s simple and obvious once you see it, but takes a creative mind to come up with the concept. These matches are burned and then arranged just so.

Can’t you see that little guy hopping all over this image? Of course, he’d wreck the perfect perfection. Let’s just leave him out of this, shall we?

Adam Hillman explains this image: “A six-foot square makeup mandala I made with @covergirl products for @thisisstory’s beauty story!”

You can’t be stressed or anxious while looking at these perfectly organized leaves. Leaves themselves are a marvel of nature’s organized perfection. And when they’re arranged just so? It’s like a mini-vacation to look at.

But it’s butterflies. BUTTERFLIES! Nature does it again. How many hours went into this organization of butterfly wings?

An aerial shot of typewriters is deeply satisfying to look at for some reason. Why do our brains like this so much?

Yes. I stand by this one. Check out this gorgeous fish market? I’m not saying it will smell great. But it looks great.

It’s getting awfully meta around here. But look how a little organization applied to every day objects can transform them.

Seriously, is there anything that isn’t made pleasing by organizing it?

This is a spectacle of organization and perfection. All they are doing is squatting and standing. Alone each man might look foolish. But together? Amazing.

No one loves office supplies. But the stores know that by displaying their wares in just the right way, we suddenly are fooled into loving them. Don’t you want to buy new post-it notes?

It’s actually a teddy bear display. See what I did there? But, seriously, when was the last time you tried to hang a few pictures in a display together? The spacing and alignment is impossible. Hats off to whoever pulled this off.

What would your last suitcase look like if its contents were laid out like this? Would an observer be able to guess what kind of person you are?

This pumpkin display is incredible. So, are you a convert? Do you agree that neatly organized objects are soothing?