25 Slang Terms That Dads Can Use to Embarrass Their Teens

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True story: One time my dad went into a Tilly’s and asked a worker where their Hollister sweatshirts were. Dads have an unbelievable hidden talent to embarrass anyone at anytime. Sometimes it’s just natural and they truly are clueless, while other times they are actually going out of their way to embarrass their kids.

One dad took to Reddit to ask other parents (and kids) ways he can embarrass his teen daughter and it was quite a field day for dads, whipping out their best dad jokes. Get ready to cringe, it’s about to get weird.

“Just say ‘whattup fam?’ Then when they get mad yell ‘worldstar!'” @Markissy This will definitely get a reaction from your kid, maybe even a Worldstar worthy reaction.

“When something surprises you, say you are shook.” @kcounts Oh yeah, this will definitely make your kid feel shook.

“Say bruh after literally every sentence.” @AB81994 Bruh, this is not okay.

“My dad used to go into Carls Jr and call everyone Carl. Go into Wendy’s and call everyone Wendy.” @Zip668 Not slang, but definitely something to embarrass the kids.

“Ugh, my 60-year-old mother loves to say things are ‘the puff daddy’ when she thinks something is awesome or superior. So you should probably point out things that you also find to be the ‘puff daddy'”. @Sir_Q_L8 Moms can also say things just as cringe-worthy as dads. If both of them have this ammo, it might be too much to take. Thought these were bad? It only gets worse from here.

“Wondering what she’s up to today? Spice things up by saying ‘Ayy what’s gucci fam? We’re heading to the park wanna join? It’s gonna be lit.'” @themanyfaceasian Yeah, this will spice things up for sure.

“Your mother is DTF.” @Psyanide13 This would scar me for life. I hope he means darn tootin’ fun.

“I used the ‘You ain’t woke fam. I’m too lit.’ on my 15 yr old daughter. I’m 46.” @moby1kenobi When your parents are more woke than you.

“Tell her: ‘Ima keep it a hundred wit you.'” @throwingitfarrr At least they’re keeping it real?

“Did you dab on her tho.” @oohlapoopoo Dads who dab are seriously dangerous. But you know what’s worse? Dads using rap lyrics in completely oblivious ways.

“While you’re reading the paper just quietly and slowly say ‘gucci gang… gucci gang… gucci gang… gucci gangggg’ in whatever tune you feel like. I’d recommend channeling sinatra” @FaroutIGE Breaking news: gucci gang.

“I always tell my daughter, ‘Word, Yo’ whenever she wants me to do something for her. She doesn’t ask me much anymore.” @middleagenotdead That’s one way of getting your kids to stop asking questions.

“Next time her friends are over, tell her you’ll leave them alone, but to ‘cash me ousside if you need anything’. Say it in front of her friends for max damage. Bonus if you dab before you leave.” @MrHuskyBones Ugh, this is why I can’t have friends over!

“I’m partial to saying ‘I’m finna pop a goog” instead of ‘I’m going to google this thing.’ I’ve received mixed responses.” @alpha11411 This one just makes me uncomfortable.

“When she gets upset, tell her she’s ‘being extra.'” @moonwalkersb I am NOT being extra *flips hair*.

“Deadass is a good word, it’s a synonym of actually and ‘I’m being serious.’ ‘Did you deadass…’ ‘Deadass I did'” @LRFE This would be just mortifying. Deadass.

“Wait till she’s in an argument with your spouse, or being slightly verbose in a public place, pull out your phone and shout ‘world star!'” @citizen_tronald_dump Another Worldstar star, brought to you by the world’s most embarrassing dad.

“Start calling everything she likes ‘wack'” @azman6k I think it’s spelled whack but either way, it’s still whack.

“Tell her she’s ‘on fleek’ all the time.” @noruthwhatsoever Girl, your grades are on fleek! That could actually be pretty encouraging.

“When she says something innocuous, just say, ‘Is that what the kids are calling it these days?’ eg, dad can I get more syrup for my pancakes? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Getting syrup for the pancakes?” @Paardy0609 What is that even supposed to mean? The confusion from this would disturb me so much.

“You kids look really yolo tonight. Make sure and call me if you girls get in to any lit. If anyone tries to give you drugs make sure and tell them ‘dab on them haters’. Stay ratchet, woke girls.” @1911_ My head might explode from all the slang in this I don’t even know what is being said here.

“Bet. Use it in place of yes / I agree, etc.” @twoheadedboy Accurate description of what it means and if used properly, can be used for total embarrassment on teenage girls.

“Instead of saying a curse word, EVERY time say ‘Damn Daniel. ‘” @Not-The-FBl You slept through your alarm, again?! Damn Daniel!

“That outfit is so fetch!” @optiongeek If Gretchen can’t make it happen, no one can make it happen.

“If friends come over call them fam. When you leave the room. Yell ‘I’m dabbin out!’ And then flail your arms in the air.” @peskoly I’d love to see this one in action. A dad flailing his arms is always something that will make me laugh.