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Have you heard about this huge sale that just launched on Amazon? Rumor has it that since Amazon had to postpone their annual Prime Day sale, they've channeled some of that savings into Amazon's Big Style Sale. Like the name suggests, the deals are concentrated on clothing, accessories, luggage, and jewelry, with discounts ranging from 30-50% off. I just spent a very happy afternoon browsing Amazon's virtual aisles and filled my shopping cart with clothes and accessories for my family!

I found everything from basic t-shirts and jeans, to workout clothes, to this ridiculously adorable hoodie for my youngest kiddo. And wait till you see the price on these gorgeous sunnies! Take a look at the sale for your own family, and get ready for some serious savings.

*Prices on Amazon change often but the deals below are correct at the time of publication.*

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This Nautica Polo Shirt Comes in a Million* Colors

Please don't zone out due to boredom. I know that a recommendation for a cotton polo shirt isn't the exciting content you are here for, but please believe me when I say that you should order a few of these shirts regardless of how dull they seem. Here's why: There will be days when you or your man-friend just wants to grab something out of the closet that's easy, reliable, and looks fine with literally any other item of clothing. This polo shirt fits the bill. *More or less. This is an opinion piece, okay? I'm not paid to count colors.** **I am, in fact, paid to count colors. There are 29 of them. You're welcome.

This Travel Pouch Helps Me Believe That Someday I'll Travel Again

Like most people, my travel plans have come to a screeching halt due to the pandemic. I can still dream, though, and even dream-shop in the hopes that maybe this time next year, I'll be heading out of town on a grand adventure. I'm going to buy this handy little travel pouch as a promise to myself that better times are coming. It's designed to hold a few precious essentials like phone, ID, and cash, and can be hidden inside clothing for maximum discretion.

This Workout Tank Hoodie Looks "Okay, I Guess" According to My Teenage Daughter

If you don't have a teenage daughter yourself, you may not realize that "Okay" is actually pretty high praise for a mother's fashion choice. This workout tank hoodie is designed to layer over a sports bra or tank top, in a lightweight poly-cotton-rayon blend that gives it a smooth, sleek look. I'm ordering mine in the faded purple color because my daughter says the camo print is "way too much for you, Mom."

This Trendy Champion Sweatshirt for Kids or Small Adults

I'm going to let you in on two secrets: One: I don't know why, but Champion sweatshirts are back in style. Remember these from the 90s? Well, they're back and bigger than ever, especially with kids ages 10-15. Total style alert for middle-schoolers. Two: Petite women may feel disadvantaged when it comes to seeing in crowds or reaching the gas pedal, but our luck evens out when it comes to shopping. Name-brand apparel costs less in kid sizes compared to adult, even though it's virtually the same product! To make a long story short, this Champion sweatshirt in XL will fit ladies who wear up to about a size-6.

These Cole Haan Mens' Leather Sneakers Are an Unbeatable Deal

I already own a few pairs of Cole Haan sneakers, one of my favorite brands for stylish yet casual footwear, so I was pretty excited when I spotted these Cole Haan men's leather sneakers on sale. My husband is getting his first pair! I love the clean look of these white leather sneakers. They're perfect for summer, and I still can't quite believe the price. They come in a bunch of other colors too--I think the "British Tan" looks pretty darned swanky--but keep an eye on the prices, since not all styles are on sale right now.

Maybe These Floral Leggings Will Inspire Me to Work Out

Or maybe they'll inspire me to curl up on the couch with my laptop and a second cup of coffee. Either way, these floral leggings are already in my Amazon cart! They're high-waisted, which is an absolute mandatory feature for my post-babies-body. They also come in a few really cute fabric styles, so if this pair works out I may come back for the leopard print.

This Baby Girl Romper with Matching Headband Is Perfect for Summer Photo-Ops

When my kids were little, I loved dressing them up in adorable outfits like this romper with matching headband. Dress them up, take a million photos, then prepare to change their clothes as soon as they get dirty--am I right?! I love that this romper comes in over 40 different fabrics--at this price, I would definitely stock up. Sadly, my kids are too big for this romper, which is why I'm ordering one as a gift for my neighbor's baby girl. I'm just trying to decide between the flamingo and the strawberry designs!

These J. Crew Jeans Are 30% Off

Deal alert! I love J. Crew for preppy staples like jeans, sweaters, and t-shirts, but their full-priced clothes are outside my budget. Thank you, Amazon's Big Style Sale, for pricing these toothpick jeans so low! High waist, check. Skinny silhouette, check. A little bit of elastane for stretch, check. Add to cart, check!

I'm Getting This Lucky Brand Leather Choker Necklace for My Teen Daughter

My teenage daughter prefers jewelry with an edge--nothing too dainty--so I picked out this Lucky Brand leather choker necklace for her. Theoretically I'm going to save it for her birthday, but I have a feeling I'll cave and give it to her as soon as it arrives. The choker measures 12 inches long with a 3-inch extender, and has earned a bunch of glowing reviews on Amazon. One customer writes, "It’s my favorite necklace. It’s elegant enough to wear with a nice dress but also dresses up any jean outfit."

This Ombre T-Shirt Looks Like Summer to Me

Warm summer days call for cool, cute t-shirts! I shopped my way through all the women's shirts in the Amazon sale before deciding on this ombre t-shirt, which is a great deal at well under $20. The v-neck and curved hem are just the cut I like, and I appreciate that the shirttail is long enough to knot (such a cute look with denim shorts). I'm loving this coral ombre design, but it comes in a bunch of other colors too, including solids.

These Loose-Fit Track Pants for Men for Work-at-Home Comfort

Many of you are new to working at home, but take it from me, a freelancer with many years' experience working from the couch: Comfy pants are a necessity. My husband needs something more comfortable than jeans, but less casual than pajama pants. These loose-fit track pants are the perfect solution! They have a lot of thoughtful features, including a hidden drawstring at the waist and zippers at the ankles.

These Stylish Sunnies Cost Under $10

Can you ever have too many sunglasses? I hope you say never, because I'm ordering this pair of stylish sunnies and I hope you will, too! They have that classic aviator shape that's flattering on literally everyone. They also have a lightweight metal frame and reflective, polarized lenses. All that for under $10?! Yes, please!

This Puma Cap Is Perfect for Sweaty Outdoor Excursions

I love that this Puma cap looks sleek and stylish (um, hello...like a freaking puma!), but is secretly designed for practical comfort. It's made from a breathable, mesh fabric with a little bit of spandex for stretch. It's moisture wicking and machine washable, so it's pretty much meant to be sweated in. Some reviewers say it runs a little small, so keep that in mind if you have a biggish head.

This Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny Sarong Cover-Up for Your Bikini

I have happily entered the caftan stage of poolside life, and I welcome my crone status with open, heavily sunscreened, Mimosa-laden arms. But for younger ladies, this scrap of fabric known as a sarong cover-up will really come in handy when you want to not so much conceal as draw attention to how great your butt looks in that swimsuit. Good for you.

These Steve Madden Loafers Are Light as a Feather

Of everything on my list, I think I'm most excited about these Steve Madden Loafers. They're designed to be very thin and lightweight, so they're probably not great for a ton of walking, but will be comfortable on short outings or in the office. I'm obsessed with the "blush snake" color and can't wait to see it in person, but the other colors all look pretty great, too!

This Spider-Man Touch Screen Watch Makes Kids Feel Like Super Heroes

I'm buying one of these for a birthday gift, and I can't wait to see the lucky kid's reaction! This Spider-Man Touch Screen Watch is every Spidey-fan's dream come true, with amazing techie details like a selfie-cam, voice recorder, pedometer, games, and more. The user reviews are full of stories of really happy kids who basically think this is an iWatch. So cute. One reviewer says, "This was my nephew's favorite gift out of everything he got this Christmas. He is little but he was easily able to play with the buttons and everything else on the watch itself. Would recommend for any little boys who like to try on their dads' watches or smart watches."

These Levi's 501 Jeans for Men Are a Timeless Classic

A classic 140 years in the making! Levi's 501 jeans belong in every man's wardrobe, and at this price, you can stock up on a few pairs. The dark wash is always a solid choice, but there's something to be said about the worn-in look of the lighter washes, too. I'm ordering a couple of pairs for my husband that should last him for years to come.

I Can't Wait to Lounge All Day in These Summer PJs

Cool, comfortable, cute. I can't wait to wear these summer PJs! Made of 100% cotton, they have great details like an elastic waist and full button-down top. I spent a long time looking at all the colors to choose which one I like best. I'm leaning toward the Black and White Polka Dot I chose for the photo, but I also like the Blue Moroccan Tile. Hey. I just had an amazing idea. At this price, I'll order both!

These Green Samsonite Suitcases for Future Travel Adventures

My summer vacation is officially canceled (thanks Covid), but that doesn't mean I've stopped planning future trips. In fact, I have my sights and my budget set on a trip to New York City with my family once it's safe to travel. I'm going to start the planning early with an investment in high-quality luggage, namely, this set of two Samsonite suitcases. Not only is this a trusted brand, but the emerald green hue will make them easy to spot on the luggage carousel.

These Sketchers Sneakers for Kids for a Head Start on Back-to-School Shopping

Last year, my kids got out of school on a sunny Friday in June, and the very next day the first back-to-school catalog arrived in the mail. The moral of the story is, yes, it really is time to measure their feet and order new sneakers! These Sketchers sneakers are a solid choice, in cute styles at a reasonable price. My kids have gone through a lot of Sketchers over the years, and they've always found them durable and comfortable.

This Chewbacca Hoodie Converts Into a Plush Toy

Are you kidding me with this thing?! I'm ordering this completely adorable Chewbacca hoodie for my littlest Star Wars fan. Not only is it a cozy hoodie in warm brown tones, but it converts into a plus Chewbacca toy by stuffing the fabric into the hood and pulling the hidden zipper. I was wondering how hard it is to convert from hoodie to plush toy, but the user reviews have reassured me that it's easy enough that older kids can do it themselves. Can't wait to get this!

This Patriotic T-Shirt for the 4th of July

I'm ordering this patriotic t-shirt for my husband, and I'm thinking about getting one for myself as well. Life Is Good makes excellent quality, 100% cotton t-shirts, and I'm really liking the subtle, folk-art vibe of this design. It's earning superb ratings on Amazon, with a 4.9 out of 5 average. One reviewer says, "The material is soft and the design is simple and stylish."

This Volcom Backpack Is Sooo Pretty

Pretty enough to use as a purse but roomy enough for weekend outings, this Volcom backpack is definitely going into my cart. I love that it's designed with lots of pockets, with designated compartments for my laptop, pens, sunglasses, water bottle, and more. The black background and floral design are just plain gorgeous, with reviewers calling it "beautiful" and "stylish."

This Wide-Leg Jumpsuit With Adjustable Shoulder Straps

I've been looking for the perfect summer jumpsuit, and I think I've found the one! Yes, it's affordable, on-trend, and comes in lots of colors. But none of that would matter if it didn't fit well. What I'm really excited about are the adjustable shoulder straps, self-belt, and angled leg openings. These features mean I can customize the fit to get the look I want!

This Windproof Umbrella for Summer Storms

I know we all like to pretend that summer means endless sunshine and flip-flops, but the truth is that in every summer, some rain must fall. Better be ready for it. Personally, I recently cleaned out the hall closet and realized that our umbrellas are in a sorry, broken state. So I was happy to spot this windproof umbrella in the Amazon sale. I'm intrigued by its promise to withstand wind, and reassured by the nearly 15,000 positive reviews!

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