26 Amazingly Handy Products That Solve Annoying Everyday Problems | 22 Words

There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of finding just the right tool for just the right job. Except maybe finding just the right tool you've never seen before, that'll solve a problem you didn't know you had.

From gadgets that add a footrest to your shower, to plastic bowls that make salad prep a snap, we've tracked down 26 of the handiest problem-solving gadgets on the market.

We hope you find these products as fascinating as we do. We've picked them out to share because we love them, not because we're being paid to. However, 22Words does participate in the Amazon affiliate program, and can receive a share of sales from links on this page.

The Specialty Chopped Salad Gadget

Makes Healthy Eating Easy Throw out those bulky cutting boards, because the WebSun slotted salad bowl makes salad prep simple, and salad cleanup easy. Find it on Amazon

This Cabinet Towel Bar Lets You Add A Towel Rack Anywhere

Considering I can somehow lose every last towel in my small kitchen within minutes, I could one of these for every cabinet door. Find it on Amazon

These Top-Rated Battery Packs Keep Your Phone Charged Anywhere

For less than the price of a similarly-sized tube of lipstick, you can guarantee that your phone battery never dies again. Seems like a good deal to me. Find it on Amazon

One Of These Specialty Outlet Covers Adds A USB Charging Port To Your Wall

You'll never lose your USB charger again... because it's screwed to your wall. Find one on Amazon

This Footrest For Your Shower Makes Shaving Less Irritating

Sure, many of us would argue that showers should already include footrests, but never fear: this fantastic gadget can be yours for a song. Find it on Amazon

This Bendable Brush Will Clean Even The Strangest Shapes

Finally, your industrial-sized test tube collection will be spotless! Find it on Amazon

This Flash Drive Will Double Your Phone's Memory

Available in capacities up to 256 gigs, the Sandisk ixPand flash drive comes equipped with a USB and a lightning plug, allowing you to easily backup or exchange data between your iPhone and computer. Find it on Amazon

This Collapsible Bottle Makes Portable Water Storage Painless

I think I'd like playing with this thing as much as I'd like drinking from it. May be even more, actually. Find it on Amazon

This Gak-Like Goop That Cleans Every Nook And Cranny Of Your Electronics

And the best part is, when you're done using the Cyber Clean, you can play with it. Find it on Amazon

One Of These Dirt Cheap Drain Snakes Will Clear Out Your Pipes

Hopefully your drain's not quite as bad as that. But I'll bet you kinda hope it is. It won't cost much to find out. Find it on Amazon

These Bendy Squishy Things That'll Keep Your Cords Organized

Find them on Amazon

This Gap Cleaning Brush That'll Clean Where Other Brushes Can't

Get ready to have the cleanest window tracks on the block. And probably the only clean window tracks on the block. Find it on Amazon

This Handy Accessory Turns Your Charger Into A Goldfish Of Power

Finally, charging your phone can be cute. Find it on Amazon

This Phone Case Is Also A Wallet

Now your phone case can be as versatile and useful as your phone itself. Find it on Amazon

This Key Finding System Will Find Your Whole Family's Keys

Toss one of these dongles on your keychain, and you'll never lose it again. Find it on Amazon

This Magic Tap Dispenser Deliciously Dispenses Drinks

Sure, it may be an As-Seen-On-TV product, but the MagicTap is one of our favorites that's actually worth buying. Find it on Amazon

These Charcoal Blotting Papers Will Minimize Shine Anywhere

If you haven't used blotting papers, you're missing out on one of the more satisfying hygienic products out there. Just rub a sheet on your face and watch as it absorbs excess oil, turning a satisfying translucent in the process. Find them on Amazon

This Silver Ring Hides A Valuable Hidden Utility

I need about four of these. Find them on Amazon

This Shower Curtain With Pockets That Maximizes Bathroom Storage

Single-purpose shower curtains are simply a wasted opportunity. Find it on Amazon

This Popular Rubber Mushroom Will Keep Your Pipes Clean

It'll catch any kind of hair: human, dog, cat, sasquatch. Your pipes have never been this clean. Find it on Amazon

This Ingenious Shelving Solution Finally Makes Sense Of Your Spices

Spices have never looked this good. Find it on Amazon

This Sugru Moldable Glue That'll Fix Almost Anything

Honestly, this stuff makes me wish my computer charger needed fixing. Find it on Amazon

This Multi-Pack Of Veggie Keepers That'll Actually Keep Your Veggies Fresh

No more finding abandoned avocados in the back of the fridge, wrapped futilely in tin foil weeks ago. Find a set on Amazon

This Wallet Ninja That's Packs 18 Tools Into Your Wallet

You've seen guys open beer bottles with a lighter? One-up them and open yours with a credit card. Find it on Amazon

This Brilliant Invention Will Keep Your Mirrors Clean And Amuse Your Guests

It's half brilliant, half ridiculous, and all awesome. I'm in. Find one on Amazon

These Zip-Up Headphones That Also Glow In the Dark

Now you can wear headphones at night, to perfectly match your sunglasses. Find them on Amazon