26 Beautifully-Made Products You’ll Only Have To Buy Once

Whether you hate shopping or just appreciate value, you’ll love these 26 beautifully-made products that’ll last a lifetime (or longer).

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This Fisher Astronaut Pen Is The Exact Same Pen That Went Up With Apollo 7

  via : Fisher  

If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for the rest of us. Find it on Amazon


These Corded Wahl Clippers Will Cut Your Hair For Decades

  via : Wahl  

It’ll also pay for itself in a couple month’s of hair cuts (or just one, if you’re fancy). Find it on Amazon


A Pair Of Made In The USA Darn Tough Wool Socks Come With A Lifetime Guarantee

  via : Darn Tough  

They’re not cheap, but considering you’ll never have to replace them, these Darn Tough socks are a darn good deal. Find it on Amazon

These Dishwasher-Safe Granite Ware Roasters Have Been In Production Since 1873

  via : Granite Ware  

That’s over 140 years of continuous production. Obviously, they’re doing something right. Find it on Amazon

You’ll Get A Lifetime Guarantee With These Grill Beast Gloves

  via : Grill Beast  

You’ll also get the ability to withstand temperatures up to 662 degrees F. And that’s pretty cool. Find it on Amazon

These Classic Adidas Adilette Sandals Provide Timeless Comfort

  via : Adidas  

I’ve still got mine from college. And they’ve aged far better than I have. Find it on Amazon

The Leather-Handled Estwing Hammer Hasn’t Changed Since 1923

  via : Estwing  

Buy one now, and hand it down to your grandkids. These are some of the best hammers on the market. Find it on Amazon

These KEM Arrow Playing Cards Will Never Wear Out

  via : KEM  

These cards are not cheap, but they will be the last pair you’ll ever need. Find it on Amazon

These Harperton Nail Clippers Are Basically Immortal

  via : Harperton  

Heavy, solid, and razor-sharp, these Harperton clippers will cut decades worth of finger- and toenails. Find it on Amazon

The Victorinox Chef’s Knife Is The Best Bargain In The Kitchen

  via : Victorinox  

A perennial favorite for the discriminating home chef, the humble-lookng Victorinox is the definition of bang-for-your-buck. Find it on Amazon

These Lifetime-Guaranteed Koss PortaPro Headphones Have Provided Beautiful Music For Decades

  via : Koss  

Warm, live tone meets awesomely dated ’80s design. Koss hasn’t changed these since their introduction in the early ’80s, and it’s easy to see (and hear) why. Find it on Amazon

The Tiny-But-Mighty Leatherman Squirt Packs A Ton Of Utility On Your Keychain

  via : Leatherman  

Legendary Leatherman quality you can carry on your keychain. What’s not to like? Find it on Amazon

This Ultra-Durable Lightning Cable Is The Last One You’ll Need To Buy

  via : Anker  

Just TRY to destroy it. You won’t be able to. Find it on Amazon

The Lodge Dutch Oven Is As Good As Alternatives Ten Times The Price

  via : Lodge  

Seriously, you’re getting a dutch oven that might as well be a Le Creuset clone, for only $50. And it’ll outlast you. Find it on Amazon

The High-Powered Maglite Flashlight Is Guaranteed For Life

  via : Maglite  

There’s a reason these are standard-issue for police across the US: they’re indestructible. Find it on Amazon

One Of These Razor-Sharp Microplanes Will Grate A Lifetime’s Worth Of Cheese

  via : Microplane  

The Microplane brand did it first, and did it so well, it’s become almost generic. Just watch your knuckles! Find it on Amazon

This Self-Powered Groom Mate Nosehair Trimmer Will Keep Your Nostrils Nice And Clean

  via : Groom Mate  

This is one of those beautifully-made products with a very humble (but necessary) function. Find it on Amazon

This Opinel Folding Knife Has Been Popular For Over A Century

  via : Opinel  

First popularized by vinters and farmers, Opinel knives boast decades of reliable utility in a bargain-priced package. Find it on Amazon

The Pulltap Waiter’s Corkscrew Is The Last One You’ll Ever Need To Buy

  via : Pulltaps  

Yeah, you could buy one corkscrew from the dollar store and replace it annually, or you can get one of these Pulltaps and use it forever. Find it on Amazon

The Solid Brass Rotring Mechanical Pencil Is A Draftsman’s Dream

  via : Rotring  

As an avid Rotring devotee, I can tell you: this is the greatest mechanical pencil ever made. Find it on Amazon

The Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop Was Perfect In 1935 And Hasn’t Changed Since

  via : Zeroll  

These puppies have been scooping ice cream since ice cream parlors were popular. And they haven’t changed a thing. Find it on Amazon

The Rada Tomato Knife Is A Wildly Popular (And Cheap) Option On Amazon

  via : Rada Cutlery  

Spend $6 today, cut tomatoes for the rest of your life. Find it on Amazon

These Stainless Steel Tongue Scrapers Can Provide A Lifetime Of Fresh Breath

  via : Biocurv  

Gross? Yes. Worth it? Certainly. Find it on Amazon

This Shock Proof USB Flash Drive Can Survive Almost Anything

  via : Corsair  

Who isn’t in need of military-grade data storage? Find it on Amazon

The Timex Expedition Is An Economical Design Classic For A Reason

  via : Timex  

They’re not fancy, but man, Timex watches just work. And keep working. Find it on Amazon