Here’s a List of 27 Cute, Cheap, and Useful Gadgets

Unless you’re some sort of cold-weather masochist, you can’t deny it: winter can get MIGHTY depressing. Cold weather, unceasing darkness, and way too few national holidays to look forward to – it can all get to you after a while.

That’s why we’ve picked out 27 funny, fun, and actually useful products that’ll make your life easier while putting a smile (or at least a smirk) on your face.

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These Fakeface Womens Indoor Warm Fleece Slippers That Are As Cute As They Are Comfy

  via : Ebay  

You can’t get much cuter than these adorable slippers, which also come in their own mesh carrying bag for easy transport. …because once you wear them, you’ll realize that you need to take them with you everywhere you go.


This Dash Mini Maker That’ll Keep You Supplied In Breakfast Sammies Forever

  via : Dash  

This small wonder is adorably compact, comes in a ton of different colors, and makes tiny meals that are perfectly sized for one person. You’ll never have to share again!


This Home Brilliant Solid Decorative Accent Pillow That Takes Netflix Marathons To The Next Level

  via : Ebay  

Cold winter days mean a lot of couch lounging. Throw a couple of these plush pillows on your couch to make it instantly more comfortable and stylish.

This Rechargeable Hand Warmer That’s A Must For Chilly Days

  via : Ebay  

Oh, and did I mention that this hand warmer is also a portable power bank? You’ll never have cold hands and dying electronics again!

This Washi Tape Set That’s Perfect For Crafting

  via : Etsy  

Warning: You may be temped to buy all nine colors and patterns.

This Positive Essence Lavender Linen & Room SprayThat Makes Any Room Smell Like A Spa

  via : Pinterest  

Lavender can do wonders for sleep and relaxation, so consider your winter naps instantly upgraded.

These Bavarian Gnome Crayons That Brighten Up A Dreary Winter Day

  via : Fctry  

These happy little fellas can’t wait to add some much-needed color to the cold, gray days of winter.

This HAKACC Bedside CaddyThat Will Allow You To Basically Never Leave The Couch

  via : Pinterest  

And isn’t that the American dream? At only $8.99, this caddy is a serious steal, and over 200 people are raving about it.

This Ottomanson Bed Blanket That Keeps You Oh-So Cozy

  via : Ebay  

Wouldn’t you prefer to curl up on the couch wrapped in this ultra-soft blanket than do just about anything else?

These TaoTronics LED String Lights That Add A Touch Of Pixie Dust to Any Space

  via : Taotronics  

With a dimmable design and warm, inviting glow, these string lights make every winter day a bit more merry and bright.

This OOLY Dinosaur Eraser That’s Perfect For Amateur Paleontologists

  via : Ooly  

With a price tag of just over $5, it would be ridiculous not to buy this dinosaur eraser, right?

This Froggy Coin Purse That’s Both Insanely Cute and Ridiculously Cheap

  via : Pinterest  

Plus it comes in a variety of different equally adorable animal designs. I won’t judge you if you buy every single one.

These Comenzar Flickering Candles That Add Major Ambiance

  via : Ebay  

The lovely flickering faux-flames give you the look and feel of real candles without having to worry about accidentally burning down your house during wine time.

This Love-Positive Journal That Fills You With Warm and Fuzzies

  via : Knock Knock  

Need to score some serious points with your significant other? Look no further. You’re welcome.

This Sloth-centric Infuser and Mug Gift Set That Makes Tea Time Way Cuter

  via : Ebay  

This two-piece mug and tea infuser set is perfect for lazy winter days when you want to get in touch with your inner sloth.

This Modern Take on the Classic Hot Water Bottle That Has Its Own Cable-Knit Sweater

  via : Attmu  

Think hot water bottles are only something your great-grandma would own? Think again. Your freezing feet will thank you.

This Mini Pretty Mushroom-Shaped Night Light That Transforms Your Home Into A Magical Forest

  via : Ebay  

Because seriously, who doesn’t want to pretend they live in a magical forest?

This Awesome Mouse Pad That’ll Cheer You Up On Even The Darkest Of Days

  via : Ebay  

The full product name is “Apottwal MP-0003 Funny Cute Cat Dressed as Rambo with Gun Riding a Glowing Red Eyes Fire Breathing Unicorn Mouse Pad”. That pretty much says it all.

These Kikkerland Hedgehog Dryer Balls That Are Equal Parts Cute and Clever

  via : Hedgehog  

Cute little hedgehogs that make your clothes soft and fluffy? For under 9 bucks? How can you resist?!

This Real-sized Squishy Cat Hamburger That Instantly Makes You Happy (and Hungry)

  via : Ebay  

This squishy burger cat has a sweet cream scent and incredibly “slow-rising” effect, making it surprisingly satisfying and addictive.

This French Bread Wrist Rest That’s an Essential For Hard-Working Foodies

  via : Ebay  

Say it three times fast: French bread wrist rest. French bread wrist rest. French bread wrist rest. How’d you do? While it may look hilarious (and delicious), this bread-shaped pad actually offers great support and is incredibly squishy so your wrists stay comfortable for hours.

This Taco Truck Taco Holder That You Never Knew You Needed

  via : Fred  

Because no one wants their tacos tipping over, willy-nilly.

This Set of 4 Kitty Shot Glasses That Makes Tequila Shots 100x Cuter

  via : Ankit  

Not a drinker? Hot cocoa shots would be equally fun and cozy. Just make sure it’s not too hot to avoid scalding.

This Ceramic Donut Mug That’s a Delicious Way To Start Your Day

  via : Comfify  

This Homer Simpson-approved mug makes for a darling addition to your morning cup of joe.

This Yontree Steering Wheel Cover That You Probably Would’ve Loved As a Teenager

  via : Pinterest  

Perfect for those of us that wouldn’t mind Paris Hilton-ing the interior of our car. This plush steering wheel and gear shift cover helps to warm things up and makes every ride instantly cozier (and tre classy?)

This LED Cactus Light YiaMia Cute Night Table Lamp That Brings The Warmth Of The Desert To Your Home

  via : Ebay  

Bring the warming desert sun home with this cute cactus light, which helps you forget that it’s actually -27 outside (at least for a few minutes).

This LED Book Light That’s Both Stylish and Convenient

  via : WithIt Gear  

Winter days tend to be dark and cloudy, making it nearly impossible to enjoy a favorite cold-weather activity: reading. Shed some light on the subject with this cute and tiny book snap-on book light.