27 Products on Amazon With Over 1000 Glowing Reviews

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Just 27 products that people love enough to review, over and over and over again.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Keurig Storage Drawer Keeps K-Cups Close At Hand For Over 5800 Reviewers

No more wasting valuable cabinet space on those boxes of K-Cups. Keep them close at hand with these drawers. Find this on Amazon

Over 1300 Reviewers Swear By This Bagel Guillotine

It’s hands-down the most charming and delicious guillotine in history. Find this on Amazon

This Classic Coffee Maker Is The Caffeine Solution For More Than 6600 Reviewers

These cast-aluminum Bialettis have been brewing strong, good coffee since the 1930’s. Find this on Amazon

Over 2000 People Have Saved Their Wrists By Using This EZ Off Jar Opener

Hello salsa, farewell sore wrists. Find it on Amazon

This Classic White Noise Machine Lulls More Than 12,000 Reviewers To Sleep Nightly

Marpac’s products have been helping users sleep since the 1960’s, and the Dohm is the key to their success. Find it on Amazon

More Than 3800 Regular People Tout The Glories Of The Squatty Potty

These things really get things moving. Find it on Amazon

More Than 5700 People Love This Add-On Bidet And They Aren’t Ashamed To Tell The World About It

It is, apparently, a life-changing addition to one’s bathroom accoutrement. Find it on Amazon

These Wildly Popular Wool Dryer Balls Are Beloved By Over 14,000 Reviewers

They’re just big balls of wool, and they replace both dryer sheets and fabric softener. And they last forever. Find them on Amazon

This Incredibly Durable Micro USB Cable Is Charging The Devices Of Over 2000 Happy Reviewers

Life’s too short to mess with dirt-cheap cables. Invest in a good one and use it for years. Find it on Amazon

This KitchenIQ Knife Sharpener Keeps More Than 8300 Reviewers Slicing Beautifully

Stop fighting the dull-knife war against tomatoes. Sharpen that knife and slice that mess. Find it on Amazon

More Than 7000 Reviewers Love These Bargain-Priced Bluetooth Headphones

They’ve even got a FM receiver built-in, if you’re feeling 20th century. Find them on Amazon

Almost 12,000 Reviewers Swear By the Health Benefits Of This Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Whether or not you believe the hype, you can’t deny that it’s a pretty nice looking lamp. Find it on Amazon

Over 6000 Reviewers Love The Spa-Like Experience Provided By Their Hydroluxe Shower Head

With two shower heads and five different flow settings, the possibilities for custom shower-power are endless. Find it on Amazon

More Than 5000 Cat Owners Love This Kitty Litter-Catching Mat

Let your kitty be as clean as you know she wants to be. Find this on Amazon

The Waterproof Oontz Bluetooth Speaker Has Rocked More Than 23,000 Reviewers

The good sound helps, and the $25 price tag doesn’t hurt. Find it on Amazon

The Amope Pedi Perfect Has Sanded The Heels Of Over 8900 Happy Reviewers

That’s almost 18,000 individual heels. Just imagine all that skin dust. Find it on Amazon

This Simple Plastic Cup Is Custom-Made For Microwaving Your Soup

And over 1200 people are singing its soupy praises on Amazon. Find this on Amazon

This Bulletproof Lightning Cable May Be The Last One You’ll Ever Buy

It’s cheaper than Apple’s own lightning cable, and about 6 times as durable. Find it on Amazon

This High-Tech GermGuardian Air Purifier Is Killing All The Mold, Germs, And Odors In Over 7000 Households

The double-whammy of true HEPA filtration and UV-light will basically filter and murder anything in the air, before you breathe it in. Find it on Amazon

These Lodge Cast Iron Skillets Are Upping The Culinary Game Of More Than 8300 Reviewers

They’re inexpensive, and basically immortal. And they make really good hash browns. Find it on Amazon

These Hickies No-Tie Laces Are Saving More Than 3400 Reviewers From Tying Their Shoes

Who’s got time for that anyway? Make your shoes into slip-ons with these Hickies. Find them on Amazon

The Wildly Popular Instant Pot Is Cooking Dinner For More Than 22,000 Reviewers Tonight

It’ll make anything from pot roast to yogurt. And it’ll do it in half the time. Find it on Amazon

These Anker Soundbuds Bluetooth Headphones Are An Inexpensive Favorite For More Than 3000 Listeners

For around $25 you get all-aluminum bluetooth headphones with 8 hours of battery life and a customizable fit. No wonder they’re a favorite. Find them on Amazon

The Takeya Cold Brew Maker Is The Top Choice Of More Than 1700 Coffee Addicts

Cold brew is insanely easy, and insanely delicious. If you haven’t tried it, do. It’s time. Find it on Amazon

The Waterproof Victsing Bluetooth Speaker Is Accompanying More Than 5000 Shower-Singers Worldwide

Use it to accompany your glorious singing voice. Or, if you’re me, crank it up to drown yourself out. Find it on Amazon

This Comical Card Game Has Found More Than 6000 Reviewers Who Love Kittens, Laser Beams, And Sometimes…

Goats. That’s how this card game advertises itself: perfect for people who love kittens, laser beams, and sometimes goats. Not all-the-time goat-fans, just some-of-the-time goat-thusiasts. Like yours truly. Find it on Amazon

This Heated Plush Blanket Is Keeping The Toes Of More Than 2300 Reviewers Toasty-Warm

Why aren’t all blankets heated? Find it on Amazon

This Popular Foot Peel Is Beloved By Over 7400 Smooth-Footed Reviewers on Amazon

Wow, that’s disgusting. And I can’t wait to try it.   Find it on Amazon