27 Perfect Products For Lazy (Or Just Really Efficient) People

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I am not an energetic man. Call me what you will — lazy, slothful, couch potato — the fact is, I simply prefer to maintain an extremely favorable energy-expended to results-achieved ratio.

So I feel especially qualified to inform today’s selection of 31 products perfect for very efficient (or perhaps, lazy) humans such as myself.

From the ultimate couch accessory to the perfect personal assistant, these ingenious inventions will maximize your energy-conserving comfort.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!


The Couch Coaster So You’ll Always Have Your Drink Within Arm’s Reach

  via : Couch Coaster  

Sometimes that coffee table is just too far away. Find it on Amazon


The Tablift Tablet Stand Lets You Preserve Valuable Arm Energy

  via : Tablift  

Because sometimes that iPad can just be surprisingly heavy. Find it on Amazon


This Gooseneck Phone Holder Which Clips On Anywhere

  via : Avantree  

You’ve got better things to do with your hands than waste them holding your phone. Find it on Amazon


This Top-Selling Mermaid Blanket That’ll Keep You Cozy All Day Long

  via : LAGHCAT  

I’m a grown man and I could get just so insanely cozy in one of these. Find it on Amazon


These Adorable Character Slippers So Your Toes Will Stay Toasty

  via : Groupon  

When it comes to a long, hard day relaxing around the house, a quality set of slippers is a necessity. So they might as well be fun. Find them on Amazon


These Silicone Glasses Will Provide Shatterproof Drink Delivery

  via : Brovino  

There’s nothing that expends more unnecessary energy than cleaning up a broken glass. Thus, it pays to invest in a high-quality, shatter-free solution to ensure you’ll enjoy your beverage uninterrupted. Find them on Amazon


This Ultra-Luxe Bath Caddy Will Make It Unnecessary To Ever Leave The Tub

This 100% bamboo bath caddy is the first step towards a fully bathtub-lived life. Find it on Amazon


This Couch Caddy Makes Your Couch Arms Work For You

  via : eBay  

Yet another accessory that’ll make your couch your own all-inclusive island of comfort. Find it on Amazon


This 3-In-1 Breakfast Maker That’ll Maximize Your Morning Efficiency

Finally, no more of those long walks between the coffee maker, toaster and stovetop! Find it on Amazon


These Ultra-Long Straws Will Span The Gulf Between Your Couch And Coffee Table

These straws are 28 inches long. That’s two feet, four inches of articulating straw action, perfect for people who truly have their priorities straight. Find them on Amazon


This Banana-Specific Slicer That Will Save Valuable Time

  via : Hutzler Co.  

Right now, you’re probably spending interminable seconds slicing your bananas slice-by-slice. Get efficient, and do it in one fell swoop. Find it on Amazon


One Of These Top-Rated Battery Banks So You Don’t Have To Leave Your Couch To Charge Your Phone

  via : Anker  

Is there any worse feeling than having an ultra-comfy couch session interrupted by the “Low Battery” warning of doom? Find it on Amazon


This Hydration Pack So Can Drink Your Beverage Anywhere

  via : Miracol  

Sure, hydration packs were originally intended for those outdoorsy types, but they also make fantastic drink solutions for the indoorsy crowd. Find it on Amazon


This Memory Foam Seat Cushion Will Protect You From Pain

  via : eBay  

If you’re going to commit to the seated lifestyle, you’ll want something to bolster your bum. And you can’t go wrong with this top-rated pillow. Find it on Amazon


These Shadow Shields Will Make Perfect Makeup Insanely Easy

Just because you’re a homebody, doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good. Make your makeup routine insanely easy with these beloved Shadow Shields. Find them on Amazon


This Reacher Grabber Will Extend Your Reach By Feet

  via : Vive Health  

Never again will your remote be out of reach. Find it on Amazon


Amazon’s Most Popular Universal Remote Will Control Every Beloved Entertainment Device You Own

  via : Inteset  

These universal remotes control basically anything. And they’re affordable enough to buy a backup (or two) for when they fall between the cushions. Find it on Amazon


The Ring Video Doorbell So You Can Answer The Door Through Your Phone

  via : Ring  

With the Ring, you can even answer the door when you’re away from home (on that rare occasion). Find it on Amazon


This Very Popular Lap Desk So Working From Home = Working From Couch

  via : eBay  

It even comes in four different colors, for perfect couch color coordination. Find it on Amazon


This Ultra-Long Lightning Cable Will Power Your Phone From Ten Feet Away

  via : Anker  

Finally, you won’t be bound to the side of the couch near the outlet. Find it on Amazon


This Shiatsu Massager That’ll Soothe And Heat Your Well-Rested Feet

  via : Beurer  

Just because you’ve avoided being on your feet all day, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some serious sole shiatsu. Find it on Amazon


This To-Do Notepad That Has Its Priorities Straight

  via : Knock Knock  

Why do something today which can be done tomorrow? Find it on Amazon


The Roomba Robotic Vacuum Will Clean Your Floors While You Watch From The Comfort Of Your Couch

  via : iRobot  

Just imagine relaxing on the couch, watching this hockey puck of a robot clean your entire house. It’s easily worth the modest investment. Find it on Amazon


This Adult Onesie That’ll Be The Last Piece Of Clothing You’ll Ever Need

  via : Skyline  

Seriously. If you’re committing to a couch-centric lifestyle, this is the required couch-wear. Invest in a set of seven (there are many colors to choose from) and rotate them. Find it on Amazon


This Self-Stirring Mug That Might Actually Have Gone Too Far

  via : Pinterest  

Seriously. If you don’t have the energy to actually stir your coffee, it may be time to seek help. Find it on Amazon


This Meal Replacement Drink That’ll Save You Valuable Chewing Energy

  via : Soylent  

The oddly named Soylent (of Charleton Heston’s “Soylent green is people!” fame) is the top of the heap in the meal replacement industry. Don’t feel like cooking? Crack open a Soylent and get busy relaxing. Find Soylent on Amazon