26 Products You Probably Didn’t Know Had A Lifetime Guarantee

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Twenty-seven products guaranteed to last a lifetime.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Manduka Yoga Mats Are These Last You’ll Ever Need To Buy

They’re not cheap, but they’ll nama-stay in shape forever. Find it on Amazon

All Calphalon Cookware Is Guaranteed For Life

This is about the best set of cookware you can ask for: under $200, with a lifetime guarantee. Find it on Amazon

If You Somehow Break A Craftsman Tool Sears Will Replace It For Free

via : eBay

They may not Snap-On, but for the every day wrencher, Craftsman tools get the job done. Find it on Amazon

Cross Pens Have A No Questions Asked Warranty

Unchanged for decades, the Cross Century is the epitome of understated pen-centric elegance. Find it on Amazon

A Set Of Cutco Steak Knives Will Slice Meat For Decades

Yes, these are the same knives your friends sold door-to-door during college. And they really are fantastic. Find it on Amazon

These Darn Tough Brand Socks Are Tough Enough To Last A Lifetime

That’s right: a pair of socks with a lifetime guarantee. You don’t see that every day. Find it on Amazon

The Timeless Quality Of Dr. Martens Boots Is Guaranteed

They hurt at first, but once you break these classics in, you’re in for a lifetime of comfort. Find it on Amazon

The Fisher Space Pen Was Basically Built For Intergalactic Travel

It’d take concerted effort to destroy one of these solid metal space pens. Find it on Amazon

If These Omnipresent Scissors Ever Break, Fiskars Will Send You A New Pair

I bet every mom in the United States had a pair of these. Find it on Amazon

A Gerber Knife Is Good For Life

Yeah, even without a lifetime guarantee, I wouldn’t worry about this thing breaking. Find it on Amazon

That Jansport Backpack Is Guaranteed Against Failure

he Superbreak’s been around for decades, and it’s not going anywhere. Find it on Amazon

These Are The Last Nail Clippers You’ll Ever Need To Buy

Buy once, clip forever. Find it on Amazon

Koss Has Been Warrantying Its Classic Porta-Pros Since Their Introduction 30 Years Ago

via : Koss

Unchanged since 1984, the PortaPros are beloved by audiophiles for their warm, live sound, and by penny-pinchers for their lifetime guarantee. Find it on Amazon

You Get What You Pay For With The Legendary Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Sure, they may be expensive, but it doesn’t get much better than Le Creuset when it comes to heirloom-quality cookware. Find it on Amazon

If You Somehow Break Your Lodge Cast Iron Skillet They’ll Send You A New One

That’s some pride in manufacturing for a sub-$25 skillet. Find it on Amazon

Maglite Flashlights Are Almost Impossible To Destroy

There’s a reason why these are standard-carry for most police departments across the country. They’re bulletproof. Find it on Amazon

North Face Products Are Built For A Lifetime Of Use

Perfect cozy warmth for scaling mountains, or sinking into your couch. Find it on Amazon

These Popular Polar Bottles Are Crafted For Years Of Cooling

Toss it, drop it, smash it. Whatever happens, Polar Bottle’s got your back. Find it on Amazon

Rainbows Are The Only Flip Flops With A Warranty

Yeah, you’re spending $50 on flip flops. But for the comfort (and the warrantee), it’s worth it. Find it on Amazon

You Can Hand Your Set Of Snap Circuits Down To Your Kids

It’s never too early to start on STEM. Find it on Amazon

There’s A Reason These Classic Stanley Vacuum Thermoses Have Been In Production For Decades

They’re simple, durable, and incredibly effective. A classic with a guarantee to back it up. Find it on Amazon

Stanley Tools Are Guaranteed For Life

They took the original Stanley tape measure and made it even better. Find it on Amazon

You’ll Never Need To Replace A Set Of USA Pans

Heavy steel construction + durable no-stick finish = the last set of bakeware you’ll ever need. Find it on Amazon

Not That You’ll Ever Need It, But Vermont Teddy Bears Have A Lifetime Guarantee

If you need a lifetime guarantee on your teddy bear, you’re treating him wrong. Find it on Amazon

A Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Will See You Through Decades Of Camping Trips

There’s no better swiss-army knife out there. Find it on Amazon

Chef-Favorite Wusthof Knives Are Guaranteed For Life

Fancy? Yuuuup. Worth the investment? Absolutely. Find it on Amazon