26 Brilliant Inventions That Will Save You So Much Time

Life is short, and you need to make the most out of every moment. Why spend hours ironing your clothes? Use a personal steamer instead. Stop scrubbing your baking pans, and start using a baking mat. Make more time for the things you love, and let these inventions take care of the rest.

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This Ultra-Popular Steamer Makes Laborious Ironing A Thing Of The Past

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Once relegated to dry-cleaners and high-end hotels, steamers are now smaller and cheaper than ever. Just fire up the PurSteam and run it over your clothes and watch the wrinkles fall away. It’s easier than ironing, and cheaper than running the shower on high for an hour. Find it on Amazon


You’ll Spend Less Time Dusting With This Tiny Air Sanitizer Doing The Work For You

Pet-owners and germaphobes alike are singing the praises of these compact-yet-effective air sanitizers. Plug ’em in around your house and save yourself hours of cleaning. Find it on Amazon


Stop Waiting By The Outlet While Your Phone Charges and Use This Top-Ranked Battery Pack Instead

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Anker’s battery packs are legendary for their massive storage capacity and lightning-fast charging (which is FAR faster than a wall outlet). Keep one of these charged wherever you might need power, and you’ll never feel that terrible low-battery-panic again. Find it on Amazon

No More Searching For Chip Clips When You’ve Got This iTouchless Bag Resealer

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These inexpensive compact sealers make Chip Clips and twist-ties look useless in comparison. Find it on Amazon

These Wildly Popular Baking Mats Will Keep You From Scrubbing Stuck-On Messes

What if I told you a magical product existed that would make sure you never had to scrub carbonized mess off a baking pan again? Well, it does, and it’s called a silicone baking mat. Find it on Amazon

You Can Bake Bread With Almost Zero Cleanup With This Ultra-Popular Lekue Bread Maker

  via : Lekue USA  

Silicone is an incredibly material, and it’s being put to brilliant use in the Lekue Bread Maker. Not only can these envelopes of rubber bake beautiful bread, they do double duty as a roaster, perfect for meats and veggies. Find it on Amazon

The Gak-Like Cyber Clean Will Clean Your Electronics Faster Than Anything Else

  via : CyberClean  

Yes, Cyber Clean will grab every last mote of dust and bit of gunk from the creases and crevices of your electronic devices. But you’ll really enjoy it for its Gak-like texture, which reviewers seem to love. Find it on Amazon

Knock Out Your Exercise At The Office With This Popular Sit-Down Bike

  via : DeskCycle  

For those of use who can’t seem to find the time to exercise, outside of working full-time, raising a family, and finding time to sleep, this under-desk exercise bike is a genius solution. Find it on Amazon

Let The Flip-It! Get The Very Last Drop Of Your Condiments For You

  via : FlipIt  

Stop wasting time tapping the bottom of your bottles, trying to wring the last drop of sauce out of your condiment bottles. Instead, screw on a Flip-it! and let the unrelenting force of gravity do the work for you. Find it on Amazon

Fold Your Laundry Beautifully (And Quickly) With This Professional Shirt Folder

  via : Boomsbeat  

Ever wonder how they get those shirts so perfectly folded at the Gap? They use one of these things. Find it on Amazon  

The Hyperchiller Will Make Your Iced Coffee In Minutes

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Take your hot coffee to iced coffee in seconds with this Hyperchiller. Find it on Amazon

The Super Popular Instant Pot Is The Set-It-And-Forget-It Seven-Function Cooker Of Your Dreams

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Oh, the Instant Pot. The insanely popular pressure cooker that’s found a foothold in kitchens across the country, while selling its product exclusively on Amazon. With seven settings that allow you to cook anything from pot roast to yogurt in record time, the Instant Pot may not be cheap, but it’s one do-it-all appliance that never seems to disappoint. Find it on Amazon

Make Cleaning Kale Quick And Easy With The Chef’n Stripper

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It’s basically a piece of plastic with a gradation of holes in it, and that’s all the Chef’n Stripper needs to be to strip anything from kale to rosemary with blinding efficiency. Find it on Amazon

Get The Dirty Work Done For You With A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

  via : Omega Paw  

Time to invest in a litter box that’ll do the dirty work for you. Find it on Amazon

An Affordable Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad Makes Brush Cleaning A Breeze

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This simple pad of silicone boasts a host of bumps and ridges, perfect for speed-cleaning your makeup brushes. Find it on Amazon

These Plant Partners Water Your Plants For You

  via : Punchau  

For those of us whose thumbs lean more brown than green, these brilliantly simple terra cotta plant waterers are an inexpensive blessing. Find it on Amazon

You’ll Never Have To Worry About Boil-Over With One Of These Super Simple Pot Minders

  via : JBK Pottery  

Never stand around and worry about your pot boiling over again. Somehow (via physics), this simple disc of porcelain will things boiling and roiling only in the pot, where it belongs. Find it on Amazon

This Pull-Powered Chopper Makes Short Work Of Any And All Veggies

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Leverage the power of the pull, and quickly make guac, salsa, tuna salad, or even literal mincemeat. Find it on Amazon

This Powered Soap Dispenser Makes Post-Raw-Chicken Hand Washing So Much Easier

Yes, you can get one of those awesome airport-bathroom-style robotic soap dispensers for your house. And it’s not even expensive. You know you need more robots in your home. Find it on Amazon

Lego Cleanup Is Never Quicker Or Easier Than With The Swoop Storage Bag

  via : Swoop Bags  

If you can think of a cheaper, easier, and faster way to clean up Legos, go out and patent it immediately. These drawstring play bags are a popular and brilliant solution to the cleanup-time blues. Find it on Amazon

The ThawThat Makes Frozen Meats Ready To Cook In Half The Time

  via : W Drake  

Forget the microwave, and turn off the tap. These magical melting platforms will gently defrost your meats in half the time. Find it on Amazon

Stop Wasting Time Searching For Your Keys And Get A Tile

  via : Tile  

Just double-click the button on the Tile, and your phone will ring, wherever it’s hiding. Or open the Tile app on your phone, and the Tile will ring, betraying the location of those missing keys. It’s a genius, easy, and cheap way to never lose your important stuff again. Find it on Amazon

Keep Your Time And Chores Organized With This Perfect To-Do List Notepad

  via : Knock Knock  

Keep one of these on the fridge, and you’ll have the entire family on the same page. No more forgetting who’s turn it is to bring out the garbage, do the dishes, or re-order one of these indispensable note pads. Find it on Amazon

This Popular Toilet Light Lets You Stay Basically Asleep While Doing Your Business At Night

  via : LumiLux  

Sure, you’re probably not wasting much time searching for the toilet in the middle of the night. But if you are turning on those bright lights to find it (and thereby, striking yourself wide awake), you’re probably wasting valuable minutes getting back to sleep. And sleep = life. Find it on Amazon

Let One Of These Simon Stelz Squeezers Get Ever Last Bit Of Toothpaste Out Of The Tube

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Stop rolling up the toothpaste like a chump. Find it on Amazon

This Dual-Port USB Charger Is Specially Designed To Charge Your Phone Fast

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Most new smartphones support a technology called “fast charging”, which means exactly what it sounds like. Grab one of these dual-port USB chargers and juice up your smartphone in a fraction of the time. Find it on Amazon