3 Louisiana Siblings Among 4 Killed in Wrong-Way Crash

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4 people have been tragically killed on Friday evening in a wrong-way crash in St. Landry Parish.


And 3 of those who died were siblings from Louisiana.

Leaving their family, friends, and the rest of the community to be absolutely devastated.


Lindy Simmons, twenty, Christopher Simmons, seventeen, and Kamryn Simmons, fifteen, were killed after a pickup truck driven by John Lundy, fifty-four, hit them head on.

Their mother Dawn Simmons, and the girlfriend of Christopher, Marissa, were rushed to the hospital after the incident.

And Katie Joy DeRouen, 1 of the Simmons siblings, posted to her Facebook page, heartbroken at the loss of her younger siblings.


“My babies. Oh, my babies. I am broken. I will forever be broken. There was so much life left to live. My babies,” she wrote in the Facebook post.

“When you consider driving drunk, please think of these sweet faces. Think of their mom who is in ICU, unaware that she will wake up to the most devastating news a parent could ever face.

“Think of their dad who is waiting to see his wife in ICU and learns one by one that all three of his children in the car did not make it. Think of their siblings who frantically rushed to the hospital, only to find out everyone involved got sent to different hospitals, spending hours trying to locate them but they were all listed and Jane and John Doe’s.

“Think of their big sister who had to identify 2 of their lifeless bodies. 2 because the other was still being extracted from the vehicle hours later and never made it to a hospital,” she continued on.


“Think of my family, who instead of celebrating Christmas next week, will be planning THREE funerals.

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“If you choose to drink and drive, you are the scum of the earth. The most selfish being to ever exist.

“To the person who decided to drive drunk in the wrong direction on a highway and killed my babies, I don’t know who you are, but I am glad you are dead. You deserve to rot in hell. You ruined our lives.

“My family needs prayers, especially my mom and my dad. Our lives were forever changed tonight,” she finished in the post.


Although Katie believes that Lundy was driving under the influence, Trooper Thomas Gossen, the public Information Officer for Louisiana doesn’t suspect that to be the case.

“He might have just been lost and confused,” Gossen said to Today.

“It hasn’t been determined that he was impaired,” he continued.

Katie has set up a GoFundMe page, asking people to help her “grieving family”, and has so far raised over $546,000.


We are so sorry that you lost such treasured members of your family, we cannot imagine what you are going through right now.

Rest in peace Lindy, Cristopher, and Kamryn, it was not your time.