3 Ways to Find Wayfair Secret Deals

How to Get Up to 80% off at Wayfair

Wayfair is already known for being one of the best places to buy affordable furniture and home goods. Their products are fashionable and affordable and shipping is free when you spend at least $35 (which isn’t really a problem when you’re buying a dresser or couch).

And on top of their already low prices, they always have a huge sale section with additional discounts up to 50%.

But did you know there are three more sale sections where the prices fall even further?

And these extra sale pages can be a little harder to come by. But bookmark this page and you’ll never have a hard time finding them again. (Also, the deals change often, so you’ll want to keep checking back.)


Closeouts — Up to 80% Off


On Wayfair’s main sale page, if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, past dozens of other deals they want to interest you in first, there’s a link that they don’t over-promote to their closeout deals. Here you can find prices slashed up to 80% on products they’ll no longer be carrying


Open-box Deals


Also at the way bottom of their sale page is a link to their Open Box Deals — another sale where items are deeply discounted because other customers bought and returned them. But don’t worry, they’re in like-new condition. If you want to save money and you don’t mind a product that took a detour to someone else’s house on the way to yours, then this is the sale for you.

Surplus Sale


Finally — and there is no link to this sale anywhere on their main sale page — you can shop Wayfair’s surplus inventory. Sometimes they end up with more of an item than they want and they cut the prices to move the extras. But they don’t want them to move too fast, so they don’t promote this page. 

We do, though. 


One More Discount You Can Stack with the Rest


If you want even more money off, join their mailing list for an additional 10% discount. If you’re buying an average priced futon, say, that’s like them paying you $30-some bucks for your email address. Add that to the 80% markdown on some of these sale items, and they’re practically free!

Alright. Stop reading this and run over to Wayfair’s secret(ish) sales and get your hands on some new, beautiful furniture. Or in the case of an ottoman or a rug, get your feet on some new, beautiful furniture. Wait, are rugs furniture?

Either way, you’re gonna love what you find.