30 of the Best Keanu Reeves Memes

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Keanu Reeves has officially broken the internet.

It’s weird how these things happen, isn’t it? How someone can suddenly reappear into the public eye after a period of absence…

Well, that’s exactly what’s happened to good ol’ Keanu. With so many up and coming new releases, Keanu has been plunged back into the spotlight, with new and heartwarming stories of the star being unearthed. As a result, he’s now everyone’s new favorite celebrity.

And, not unlike every other viral sensation, he’s been given the meme treatment. Because there are more of these memes than there is sense, we’ve picked out our favorite thirty for your own enjoyment. Keep scrolling to see – you’re welcome.

Keanu has stayed out of the spotlight in the past few years. But, with roles in this year’s Toy Story 4 and 2020’s sci-fi video game, Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu is back where he belongs – on our screens.

And it always will. He became popular for his versatility in different roles; one minute he’s an action hero exploring the Matrix, the next he’s a romantic heart-throb writing love letters to Sandra Bullock. There’s nothing that he can’t do.

We were all reduced to tears a few weeks ago when Keanu revealed that he is a lonely guy with no one in his life. Is someone cutting onions over here?

Quality Keanu content has been spilling out from all corners of the internet… and we’re loving it. So, for your viewing pleasure (and partly our own too), we have picked out our favorite Reeves memes. Because, in reality, nothing else really matters, does it?

Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves in the same room? It’s too good to imagine.

He’s just too damn wholesome.

Let’s admit it, there’s only one reason that we’ll be buying Cyberpunk 2077 next year.

And if you are one of those rare (non-existent) people who doesn’t like Keanu… please leave.

Just when we thought that he couldn’t get more perfect.

These comparison memes are too good.

But no one else will listen to us…

Top tip: Don’t actually burn a city down. Even if Keanu said so.

We all love a Game of Thrones reference…

You know nothing, Jon Snow!

We can’t get enough of updated electronic Keanu.

With electronic Keanu, obviously.

This one will never get old.

Though for real, he ain’t taking no chances.

Carry on doing you, Keanu.

He’s just like a tasty burger.

The man just doesn’t age!

Stop! You’re making us blush…

He certainly deserves it.

Who doesn’t like the thought of one thousand Keanus?