30 Easter Eggs and Details You Might Have Missed in ‘Toy Story 4’

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Any Pixar fan will know that their movies are often filled with nods to other projects, and it’s the type of nostalgia that we’re all here for.

So, when the fourth installment of the Toy-themed franchise hit the big screens last weekend, it was only a matter of time before viewers put on their detective hats to suss out what easter eggs they could find in the latest Pixar adventure.

And the verdict’s in…

It seems like Toy Story 4 is well and truly full of them, with nods to every single Pixar movie featuring throughout the film.

So, popcorn at the ready, here are all the easter eggs and details that we’ve spotted in Toy Story 4

Firstly, we finally got to know why “Bo-peep” was absent in Toy Story 3.

The movie opens with a flashback to nine years ago, solving the mystery as to why Bo Peep was absent in the previous movie. She was last spotted singing with Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Wheezy in Toy Story 2, although fans complained that it wasn’t clear whether she’d been broken or donated.

While Bo Peep and Woody are speaking, a car with the license plate “RMR F97” comes into shot and you won’t believe what it means…

License plates have been used by Pixar to allude to a whole range of things in movies such as Cars and Toy Story 2. This one, however, refers to the time that Toy Story 2 was accidentally deleted from the render farm. RMR F97 was the command on the computer that deleted the film, which had to be restored using a backup file.

A familiar face from Inside out made an appearance…

Fans were quick to notice that, as Bo Peep assists Woody in rescuing RC from a storm drain, a drawing of Rainbow Unicorn from Inside Out is passed through the group to use as a launch pad.  

Did you spot anything unusual about these boxes?

When Bonnie creates Forky, we catch a glimpse of some boxes in the background. One of them belongs to Anton, a potential reference to Anton Ego from Ratatouille.  

Bonnie’s bedroom also holds a striking resemblance to another Toy Story room..

You’ll probably recognize the cloud wallpaper from Andy’s bedroom in the original Toy Story movies.

The van that the family goes on vacation in is a subtle reference to Toy Story 2.

In the film, we see that the van is a “tri-county RV,” linking to the Tri-county International airport and Tri-Country Landfill in Toy Story 2.  

One of the vacation spots is a home that looks strikingly similar to the original design for The Incredibles’ house.

This antique store gave us some serious Pixar nostalgia.

Woody and Forky come across Second Chance Antiques, where they first encounter the ventriloquist-dummy henchmen, with the store sign telling us that it was established in 1986, the same year that Pixar was established.

Amongst all the old treasures is a mask from Finding Dory, a cookie box from A Bug’s Life, and Carl’s walker from Up. Phew. That’s a lot of Pixar memorabilia.

A record from Chalupa Records from Coco can be heard playing in the store.

Did you notice anything about these guitars?

Did you spot the guitars next to Buzz on the carnival prize wall? Well, they’re replicas of Ernesto de la Cruz’s guitar from Coco. There are also rockets donning the same logo as the ball from the Pixar short, Luxo Jr, an easter egg that has featured in several other Pixar movies.

The logos may be slightly different, but the name is very much the same… The Dinoco gas station is also the gas station featured in the Cars movies, as well as the previous Toy Story films.

Bo Peep slides past an ornate plate that has a Celtic-looking symbol from Brave on it. The plate makes an appearance at several points during the gang’s trip to the store.

It looks strikingly similar to Sun Wing from Planes.

Memorabilia from The Incredibles and Ratatouille are also visible.

Awards cases from Gusteau’s office in Ratatouille and furniture from The Incredibles can be spotted in the store.

It looks like a replica of Sora’s Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, leading fans to speculate that this move is a nod to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

Fans were quick to notice that the ventriloquist dummy, Vincent, bears similarities to Slappy the dummy from Goosebumps, and Gabby Gabby has the same yellow attire as 1950’s Chatty Cathy.

We were first introduced to the toy as we watched him being blown up by Sid in the first Toy Story movie. Though, in Toy Story 4, he looks nothing like what we remember… This version is the Carl Weathers lookalike from Toy Story of Terror. 

We see a purple and yellow spider-like ride sporting the same color-theme as Zurg, Buzz’s enemy in the original Toy Story film.

The ride is purple and yellow umbrella structure, looking exactly like the sun drop flower from Tangled.

Pixar managed to get a Star Wars reference in there, too.

Notice the bandage on Bo Peep’s arm? Well, Disney and Pixar seem to be up to their old tricks again. In the fairground, we see Bo Peep lose her arm, a possible nod to Star Wars.
Throughout several Disney franchises, characters lose an arm in a reference to Luke Skywalker’s amputation scene at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

Notice anything? Well, it’s from the same grape soda bottle as Russell gets awarded in Up.

Amongst the prizes are the guitars from Coco, blue hats donning the Pizza Planet logo, rockets featuring the Luxo ball, and a red and yellow stuffed toy flame resembling Anger from Inside Out.

One of the stalls is named after a character from Planes.

The stall is named “Jet Stream,” the same as the character alias Strut Jetstream.

Well, you’re not wrong. He actually made a quick appearance in Incredibles 2, in the corner of a shot where we see Jack-Jack’s crib.

Firstly, when Bo Peep and Woody approach the secret entrance to the club in the antique store, we see a decoration for “Catmull’s’ Cream Soda,” named after Ed Catmull, a longstanding studio exec who stepped down after Toy Story 4.

You may have noticed that Bo Peep presses a 25 cents button on the slot machine to enter the club. But this number is quite important, cropping up quite a few times during the movie. This could be a possible reference to Toy Story 3 maker, Lee Unkrich, who parted ways with Pixar after twenty-five years in 2019.

Now this one is a pretty dated reference, but you may recognize him from the 1988 Pixar movie, Tin Toy.

It’s because it’s still his voice. The actor had signed on to the movie before passing away, so his voice is said to be compiled from shorts, games, and theme park voiceovers.

Notice anything? You may have spotted another reference to Up. A painting on the wall behind the toy gang is of dogs playing poker, the same dogs that Russell sailed past!