30 Fake Life Hacks That Are Terrible For Life But PERFECT For Laughs

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Life can get real tricky.

So much so, that folks all over the Internet regularly share different “hacks” they use to make some of life’s more tedious tasks easier.

These finds, however, are not those hacks.

Below are thirty of the WORST life hacks the Internet has to offer. Please don’t try these at home. Just lose your mind laughing at them from afar. From super afar.

Oh, sweetie… *Facepalm*

I guess whatever works? That’s the universal mantra of parenting, right?

And also a fun killer? Dogs everywhere are bawling over this. Puns intended.

I know it’s not practical, but also I need one.

Okay, for this one, I’m SO ON BOARD. Bye forever, dry cake!

And also, you want to kill your phone. This one’s a real two-for-one.

And just like that…. …they never bought new socks again.

Have a wrinkly shirt? Just gain weight!

Suffocate? Sure. But cry? Nah dawg. Nah.

I mean… Those things do get ridiculously hot.

I guess this one’s not the worst. Not the most sanitary…but not the worst.

POPcorny. You love it.

Please tell me no one has done this. Please.

Ever Wonder How One Gets Infinite Power?

Well, this is not the way. Not in the slightest.

Seems like he’s really cracked the code on that one.

When Easy Mac Feels Too Easy

Oh no. No, no, no.

A peep-toe? More like a peep-toe-tal savings!

Or like a heathen. Either way works.

What Can’t We Do With Duct Tape?

Not cute. But functional!

Mirror, Mirror on the door… …please don’t fall off when my pedal hits the floor.

I mean, the waitstaff may slash your tires in retaliation… …but life’s a give and take like that.

Yeah. This will totally work. And look, a pig just flew by…

Go ahead. Try it. But also…don’t.

Life is NOT My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I REPEAT, life is NOT My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Emphasis on the HOT. Less so on the ready.

More like… TV Dinner 2.Oh NO!

Aww. Those poor glasses.

It’s a real problem. Please phone help.

100% recycled. 100% ridiculous.

And by fleek, we mean flouride. Nails on flouride.