30 Family Christmas Cards That Will Make You Wonder What These People Were Thinking | 22 Words

The Christmas season is upon us! It's time for all things cozy, warm, twinkling, and joy-filled. There's nothing better than bundling up in a blanket on your couch, sipping hot chocolate, and watching one of those oddly addicting Hallmark channel holiday movies. This time of year is everything. (Seriously, why are they so addicting?)

It also means it's time to see some truly astounding and weird family Christmas cards. If you think your family is bonkers, just take a look at these 30 hilariously weird and delightful family photos. 'Tis the season!

We are all Emily.

Emily, we see you girl. And we feel you. Here's to all the Emily's out there this holiday season.

When your pets are your babies.

Who says kitties can't be kids? Anyone who is a pet owner will totally understand why animals need to be in every single Christmas card.

Ah yes, the annual family Christmas tree.

It's always important to get metaphorical with your family photos. Like these fine folks, who decided to embody an actual Christmas tree.

When you've always been with her.

Oooh, this one hurts a bit. Who knew how much this picture would actually mean in 2017?

It's always good to use your siblings as props in the photos.

Little brothers are wonderful, but they're mostly just great to torture in family photos. The poor little fella... though he seems to be doing just fine. Just wait until you see the next awkward photo...

Sometimes you've got to just lean casually against a tree.

This is actually a spread I could totally see in Vogue. It's so chic! So edgy without trying to be! Look at him working it.

The awkward Santa Claus photo is a staple of the holiday season.

A gentle shoulder touch is elegant, albeit a little uncomfortable. Still, we would enjoy getting this in our mailbox. Obviously.

We're almost moved to tears by the beauty of this image.

This should probably be framed instead of sent to people in the mail. It's simply art.

Costumes aren't just for Halloween.

Maybe what your family needs this Christmas is to all dress up in theme. They're bringing it to the next level with this festive garb.

The "looking off into the distance" is a great go-to pose.

Especially with any furry friend. These two are so cute it almost hurts. But we haven't even gotten to the best ones yet...

Ahem... is this appropriate for Christmas?

We're not sure who he's sending this to. But we're sure whoever gets it in the mail will have to do a double-take.

When your wife can't make it for the photo.

But you still have to take it anyway. It's a Christmas miracle!

There are levels to this picture.

Also, let's take a moment to appreciate their outfits. This is great.

Can we get this picture blown up to poster size?

Because the floating dog heads are giving us life right now. They need one of these photos for every occasion.

This looks like a movie poster.

And it's a movie we definitely want to see. The little cat head is the perfect touch. Keep reading if you want to laugh at some seriously strange ones...

We love the dog on the sweater and the actual dog in the photo.

Plus the antlers! Are you kidding right now with how great this picture is?

Oh wow...just...wow.

There are really no words that can describe this picture. Merry Christmas? We think. We're not sure. Check back later.

This looks pretty accurate.

This might sum up the entire holiday season for parents. Also, the joy in that kid's eyes is frightening.

Well, this is awkward.

When you can't let go of George W. Bush. Even though you really, really should.

Onesies are always a wise choice.

And everyone's wearing them in the photo! This is what we can describe as "family goals." The next photo is really too much...

When you don't have any sheep but you have a cat.

That cat looks pretty grumpy, we're not going to lie. If only it knew how cute it looked at the birth of Jesus.

Where do we even start with this picture?

Remember those very addicting Hallmark holiday movies we mentioned earlier? This looks like the cover for one of those. We're not sure if we want to watch it.

Oh goodness gracious.

from funny
We can't look away, but we really want to. Can someone explain what is happening here? On second thought, we don't want to know.

This is everything.

This couple is awesome and we want to be best friends with them. They're simply the coolest.

This is an accurate representation of a family.

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If everyone was being brutally honest with each other, this is probably what the cards would look like. A little sad? Sure. Funny? Definitely. But the funny doesn't end there!

Crash landing!

This poor little guy. That's honestly how we feel after Christmas shopping though.

We really wish we didn't laugh at this, but we can't help it.

One can only hope that this family saved this picture and sent it to everyone in their address book. It's amazing on so many different levels.

Is this a Christmas photo or the beginning of a horror movie?

Must. Look. Away. Can someone follow up and make sure nothing happened to that kid? Yikes.

When you just have to take a picture with your brothers-in-law.

The bromance is alive with these three. They're clearly loving it.

This couple knows their brand.

And we're totally here for it. Floating heads for the win!