Saying I love Harry Potter is like saying I love water.

For me, Harry Potter books and movies were childhood. I know I'm not alone in that truth. In fact, I'd venture a guess that the saga likely infiltrated innumerable facets of most folks' lives worldwide, in ways we haven't even fully realized. Snape's pure-hearted creepery? Dumbledore's stealthy sense of humor? Neville's remarkable evolution from ultra-nerd to hottay-supreme? It's all pure, unadulterated magic, folks, and we muggles are shamelessly hooked.

Here are thirty profound life lessons Harry Potter totally reinforced in so many of our minds.

Time to illuminate those subconscious learnings, y'all.

Ready? Set? Lumos!

Confidence Is All the Liquid Luck You'll Ever Need

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Although, like, a little swig of the stuff here and there wouldn't hurt, right? I wonder what it even tastes like. You're right. Probably truffles.

Good Teachers Can Save Us All

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A truer statement there never was. Oh, Minerva. What would we do without you?

Friends and Family Can Be One In the Same

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Especially if you all marry each other. But, you know, no judgement.

You Never Know Which Fight Will Be Your Last

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So fight hard, friends. Or never fight at all. Then you'll never lose. But also my therapist says maybe that's not the healthiest choice, so there you go.

The Right Words Can Make or Break Any Situation

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So choose wisely, children. You are only as strong as your best crafted tweet.

Protecting Our Loved Ones Can Mean Making Hard Choices

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For some, it's deciding whether or not we wipe ourselves out of our parents' memories in order to defeat the Dark Lord. For others, it's whether to watch more Netflix or actually leave our houses and engage with humanity face to face. Either way, super tough.

Some Rules Are Made To Be Broken

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Mischief managed my a$$. My whole LIFE is mischief.

Pay Attention

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I love me a slap-happy Snape. Brings down all my dark arts defenses.

Pleasant People Can Also Be Jerks

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They sure can. Sometimes I wonder what other grin-clad horrors those poor cat plates of hers have really seen.

People Aren't Always What They Seem

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I know polyjuicing was pretty prevalent throughout the entire Harry Potter saga, but did anyone else ever wonder why polyjuicing wasn't more of a recreational habit? I mean, you're telling me all of these witches and wizards are only one little potion away from looking like Kim Kardashian and they're not getting in on that action? Right...

The Outsiders People Ignore Often Have the Most Interesting Things To Share

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Is it just me, or wouldn't a coffee date with Luna Lovegood be sublime? I'm looney for Luna.

Illness Need Not Define You

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Professor Lupin has been, and always will be, so much more than a werewolf. He's all like, "Full moon's bare? Don't care!"

You Play a Leading Role In Shaping Your Own Destiny

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All you have to do is social media-lessly debate one grumpy hat face to face. *Millennials SCATTER*

Racism is Always Rude

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Mudblood? More like Bad Blood.

Your Entire Life Can Change In the Blink of an Eye

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Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Okay, what are my other options?

Jealousy Can Unravel Even the Strongest Friendships

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Also, Horcruxes. Horcruxes are the worst!

Book Smarts Aren't Everything

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Snape. Nailin' it.

The Criminal Justice System Is Easily Manipulated

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Why so... Sirius?

You Can Learn a Lot About a Man By How He Treats His Inferiors

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I'll catch up with you later, guys. Gotta go clean up my puddle of melted heart over this one right there. Sweet Dobby, you left us too soon.

Death Is Both an End and a New Beginning

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Plus, you still get to live in pictures. So that's cool.

Sometimes All You Need Is a Bit More Time

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But, also, why was Dumbledore enabling Hermione's out of control overachieving compulsion? That part of it all seems unnecessarily intense.

When It Comes to Love, Play Fewer Games

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Unless they are board games. Those are always a go.

Spiders Can Eat You

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See? SEE!?

Sometimes Long-Term Victory Takes Short-Term Sacrifice

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Man. Pure storytelling gold right there.

Never Expect To Piss Off Someone’s Mom and Live to Tell the Tale

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Especially Molly. No one's messing with Mama Weasley's tribe.

Older Does Not Necessarily Mean Wiser

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Especially if said person's specialty is in memory charms that make people forget what they've done. That's one long ride down de-nile, Lockhart. Hope you packed snacks.

The Truth Can Silence Even Your Strongest Adversary

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Say it loud. Say it proud!

Never Discount a Nerd

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Go on, Neville. Slay that snake.

You Are Stronger Than Your Demons

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I feel like this could be one slide in a fun knew game called 'Struggling To Carry Out the Dark Lord's Wishes or Constipation?' I know it's the former, but I'm losing it picturing it as the latter. Because I'm a child.

When in Doubt, Dance

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My life's mantra. Forever and always.