30 Most BIZARRE Insults President Trump Has Ever Tweeted | 22 Words

Our President sure likes to pick fights.

He's tweeted out a variety of different insults over the course of, well, his lifetime and The New York Times recently compiled them all into this handy dandy directory.

They've logged 359 (and counting) different targets. We've scrolled through and chosen thirty of the most ridiculous wars he's ever waged with words.

Former Presidents

So what if most of them spent their entire careers serving the American public? Our President doesn't care about silly commitments like that!

Major League Baseball

First you spend 114 years delivering the American public their favorite pastime and then this!? MLB, how dare you?

Neil Young's Rockin' In the Free World

I mean, it's not our favorite song ever either, but still. No need to shame the poor song on Twitter. What did the song ever do to you, huh?


Who cares if they elected you into office? They can still be so wrong!


I too found the debates to be quite dumb. But I'm guessing we didn't find them dumb for the same reasons.

Senate Republicans

Teamwork makes the dreamwor... Oh, guess not.

Republicans in general

Man, he really doesn't like these people. Can you say frenemies?!


In case you missed it, out President is not a huge Amazon fan recently. It's honestly too bad. There are so many great shows on Prime these days. He's really missing out.

The United Nations

The United Nations is a club for people to get together, talk, and have a good time? That sounds so fun. I'm in!

The Swamp

Wow, poop jokes? We thought you were better than that. Just kidding. Seems totally fitting.

The Public

This is like that phrase, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" Except it's, "If you can't beat 'em, just blanket insult every single one of them!"

Politically Correct Fools

I mean, we couldn't very well leave Obama and Hillary off this list entirely. They're like his favorite targets ever.

Numerous States

Just a whole bunch of states. Which ones, exactly? You decide!

Witch Hunters

Actually, I'm pretty sure there was a much bigger witch hunt that happened a long time ago. You can learn all about it in Salem, Massachusetts. Go during Halloween. You'll love it. Probably for the wrong reasons, but you win some you lose some!


We got so wrapped up before with those Republican, we almost forgot about the Democrats! Silly us.

His own Attorney General

Thought climbing onto that payroll made you safe, Jeff Sessions? Think again!

The State of New Jersey

Not just the shore. The whole, dang thing!

The Super Bowl

Beloved American tradition? Or our President's personal punching bag? You guessed it!

Meryl Streep

So what if she earned so many Oscar nominations that she broke her own record? Our President doesn't care about minor accomplishments like that.

Snoop Dog

I love Snoop. I have no witty remarks. I'm just peeved.

The Bush Family

I mean, I agree with you here, DJT. But did you need to shmear this POV all over Twitter?

Mark Cuban

Who cares if he founded a company back in the 1990s acquired by Yahoo! for 5.7 billion dollars? So what if he's mentored countless entrepreneurs-in-the-making via Shark Tank? He can fight in Twitter feuds just like anyone else!

Samuel L. Jackson

Really? You're going after the head of the Avengers? Yikes.

The Cast of Hamilton

HAMILTON IS NOT OVERRATED. ...shouted musical theatre nerds all across the country.


Those pesky haters. Always makin' trouble!


Allies? Who needs 'em!

Town Hall Meetings

Are they? That seems like a whole lot of scheming.


What do you guys think John did next? In my mind, he soothed himself with a nice, cold Frosty. Don't know why. That's just the first image that came to mind.

The Oval Office Podium

Even the furniture isn't safe anymore?! Man, that WH situation sounds brutal.

And last but not least...U.S. Legal System!

With all the time our President's spent (wasted?) crafting these insulting tweets, doesn't it seem like he could have honed a entirely different, worthwhile hobby instead? A hobby like...golf! Oh wait....