30 of the Best Things Ever Found On a Receipt | 22 Words

Smart shoppers and diners know they should check their receipts to make sure that nothing went wrong with their transaction.

But what you don’t expect to find — whether you’re the purchaser, the seller, or the server — is something that will make you either laugh, shake your head, or demand an explanation more than a refund.

Need proof? Here’s the paper trail — literally.


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You've been warned. But if they're decent ninjas, you won't even be able to see them.

Do a Little Dance

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So do they do a little dance when they deliver your food or is that just an unfortunate abbreviation? Either way, it costs you $7.

Read Between the Lines

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Not only do they appreciate your business, they appreciate the fact that you have, shall we say, "eclectic" tastes.

She's the Diary Queen

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Not only do you get the MILF for only $2.98, but you get the whole MILF, not just certain parts. Who wants a 2% MILF anyway?

It Really Satisfies

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Wow, they're really branching out with candy flavors. Do you have to show ID for that?

Multiple Choice

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Considering this is a receipt for Swingers — which I assume isn't a playground for children — I'm thinking "ass" might just come up a little more than in other places.

Extra, Extra

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What can we say? Michael Scott would be proud of them for sticking that in there. (That's what she said.)

Child's Play

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It's not every day you get rewarded with a discount for having good kids, not to mention the fact they're inviting you to taste win. Win-win!

Yo Mama

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You have to admit that you would probably want to go back a few more times just to see what other jokes they would leave. Without yo mama, of course.

Nailed It

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It turns out that Trade Secret's real secret is that they have a little racy business going on on the side. That leaves me wondering if "nail smoother" is now code for something else...

Deep Thoughts

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And you know you're not going to bring the donut back, so why is paper and ink involved? Probably to entertain you while you eat your delicious donut.

Geeking Out

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Does that come with a side of Nerds? Or maybe a couple of Airheads?

Grease the Wheel

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How about a preventative measure, you know, just in case she's a little bit difficult. Just because we have to deal with her doesn't mean you have to!

Beer Me

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I'll have your cheapest ass beer, and keep them coming!

A Hero!

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She found a snake on the floor in California Pizza Kitchen so she took it and tossed it outside. When she walked back in, everyone applauded.


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The bad news? You ordered anal juice. The good news? It was free!

A Star!

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And he would do anything for love... ...but he won't do that.


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Just in case there's any confusion as to how to make a smoothie, they give you specific directions. So helpful!

Poetry In Motion

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They can be easy. Sometimes they make perfect sense. But not this one here.

What a Deal!

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For the low price of $3.99, you too can bring home your very own wife! Sorry, no returns or exchanges. What's done is done.

Room Service

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Now that's a creative tip for a hard-working hotel housekeeper. Honest Abe, getting a little bit freaky there in the sheets. Who knew?

Shallow Savings

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Well, that's disappointing. I guess nice guys really don't finish first.

That's a Wrap

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Apparently that's now a quantifiable measurement for lunchmeat. Good news for you. Bad news for the turkey.

Out of This World

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Just think... If those customers hadn't been jerks, this server might never had received such a masterpiece. Faith restored!

Tommy Boy

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He's not just Tom. Tom is as MAN, and don't you forget it.

Lube It Up

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To be clear, they bought bike supplies and tennis balls. What else were you thinking?

High and Mighty

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The bummer is that your tip is rolled up like drug paraphernalia, but at least you could get a good chuckle from it.

Getting the Greens

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Yes, will you please toss my salad? See above: That's what she said.

Take It

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When you let customers draw on the paper tablecloths, you're going to get some creative tips. The beer probably helps, too.

Here kitty, kitty...

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Think of the kittens! So many poor felines wandering around without proper paw protection!