30 Terrible Tattoos That Will Just Make You Seriously Wonder What Is Going on With People | 22 Words

In the last decades tattoos have become very mainstream. Gone are the days when having visible tattoo would mean you couldn't get a job outside of a fast food restaurant or carnival (despite what your mom says). But not all tattoos are created equally. The people who have these monstrosities probably want to think about covering them up.

Baseball is life. Or...wait, bowling?

Where to start on this tattoo? Not only is it badly drawn (Those lines! They look like the artist chugged eight cups of coffee and just went to town), but also what is it? The ball is somehow both a baseball AND a bowling ball, but the words "It's not just a game" imply they are only talking about one sport. Is there some kind of baseball-bowling hybrid sport that just hasn't gone mainstream yet?

The irony of the mistake in this tattoo almost seems like it could have been intentional.

At least the tattoo artist probably didn't feel bad about messing this up, considering the sentiment the customer wanted expressed. She later got the misspelled word covered up with a flower, which is disappointing because it was funnier before.

Hey girl. I see you're getting a tattoo of my face. Make sure it looks just like me, okay?

Nailed it.

The tattoo itself isn't badly done.

But why would you want to have abs tattooed onto you? To each their own, but personally, I'd rather work out.

Is it a wolf? A bobcat?

It looks kind of like a derpy German Shepard that just heard someone open a box of Milkbones.

Something went terribly wrong during this Animorph's last transformation.

The longer you stare at this tattoo, you start to realize it's actually not that badly drawn. Each individual side isn't so bad, but together it's the stuff of nightmares.

Luckily he can't actually see this tattoo.

I'm fairly certain every boy in my fourth grade class drew this exact tattoo on the back of at least one of their notebooks.

Look, just because it's true doesn't mean you need to get it tattooed on you.

Ok, I don't remember a lot of algebra, but let me see. If we are solving for "partytime", then partytime=480?

Definitely don't find your tattoo artist on Facebook Marketplace.

And if you do, being able to spell the word "tattoo" should be mandatory.

Noooooo. Why would you do this?

You'll never be able to unsee this tattoo and I'm so sorry but if I had to see this, you had to see this too. Next time you're at McDonald's and they ask if you "want fries with that?" trust me, you will not.

Is this the worst tattoo on earth or the best? 

Nick Cage is a pickle!!!

Ah, yes, the Ten Commandments: God, familey, money.

There are a lot of terrible parts of this tattoo, but my personal favorite might be that the 1 seems to have both a period and a colon after it.

To be fair, this Harley Quinn tattoo looks like it's not finished yet.

It could get better, right? It just needs a little shading and arms that look like they belong to a human being.

The eagle is such a majestic creature.

This eagle, however, is um...let's just say "abstract".

This tattoo immediately gave me a migraine.

The different fonts. The spacing. The way the words are kind of arranged into an anchor?

Who needs spellcheck?

Ok, let's ignore the fact that they used the wrong "your" four times and misspelled the word "thief, what's up with the tire?

I hope Mork appreciated this.

0/10 would not see this Disney movie.

You could collect ticket stubs or...

I'm not sure what's worse: that they saw Nickelback twice or that they went to an Avril Lavigne concert in 2008.

If this movie didn't make you cry, this tattoo will.

Maybe the tattoo artist tattooed them while watching The Fox and the Hound/sobbing?

Love Minions?

Then you probably won't like this horrifying tattoo.


To be fair, we don't know what those people look like in real life. It could be very accurate.

Some people just really love meat.

Personally, I'd like to know the mythology behind the Meat Fairy. She's made of meat, and yet she creates meat? But meat was once alive itself so is she the ghost of the animal she once was? So many questions.

Oh no.

Racist, misogynist AND a terrible tattoo? He's hit the trifecta!

What...is it?

What does it mean? Have we been cursed by this image of a bat in front of a rainbow? Probably.

Time goes by.

Apples are red. Montana is cold. Lunch is the second meal of the day. This person just really likes solid facts.

When I think neck tattoo, I think flamingos wearing sunglasses.

Neck tattoos are normally reserved for people who already have a lot of tattoos, so maybe they ran out of good things to have tattooed.

Only God can judge you, but we can correct your spelling.

The grim reaper isn't that bad, but the lettering...

Love the game, hate the tattooer.

That football needs some air.

It's good that you love your menstrual cup, they are really good for the environment.

But do you really need a tattoo of it?

I'll leave you with this lovely image.

As if Chucky didn't already give us nightmares.