30 Things I Bought On Amazon And Would Buy 100X Again

My name’s Forrest. I love coaching, wrestling, hiking, fishing and spending time outdoors whenever I can. I’m sharing 30 of my favorite things I bought on Amazon that I’d buy over and over again because they’re well-made and a great value for the money. I love finding products that do just as good a job as the brand-name version but cost a whole lot less. Hopefully my picks will help you snag a sweet deal on a useful buy.

Editorial Note: We review everything independently. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.

This Camping Mug

This carabiner mug is great because I can just clip it to my backpack and never have to worry about needing a cup while hiking or camping.


This Wireless Phone Charger

I hate fumbling in the dark to find my power cord at night – with this wireless charging pad, I can just set my phone down and go right to sleep.


This Minimalist Desk

This minimal computer desk matches my apartment decor perfectly.

This Snake Scope Camera

This flexible snake scope camera is super handy to have around. You never know when you might need it!

This 10 Foot Charging Cord

A good 10 foot charging cord is a must-have. There’s nothing worse than continually tugging your charger right out of the wall outlet.

These Aviator Sunglasses

This aviator pair proves stylish sunglasses don’t have to be expensive. Why pay $200 just to have a name brand?

These Noise Canceling Headphones

These noise canceling headphones are an excellent budget option that will save you tons of money over alternative name brand ones. They work just as well for much less cash!

These Antibacterial Handwipes

I never travel through airports without these antibacterial hand sanitizing wipes – they’re essential if you’re a germaphobe like me. I like that these are plant-based and biodegradable.

This Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker does everything my wife’s Fitbit can but at a fraction of the cost.

These Resistance Bands

This set of four resistance bands come in clutch when I need to work out fast and don’t have time to go to the gym.

This Leather Wallet

This leather wallet carries everything I might need whether I’m home or traveling.

This Multitool

If you hike or camp regularly, you should get this camping multitool. You never know when you could wind up in a survival situation, and this gadget packs 12 handy tools into one easy-to-carry package.

This Sweet Sweat Exercise Aid

Ten minutes into my workout and I’m already dripping sweat with Sweet Sweat. Just apply the workout enhancer gel to target areas and you’re good to go.

This Himalayan Salt Scrub

This Himalayan Salt Scrub is one of the few cosmetic products I use as a guy. It’s really exfoliating and hard-working, even though it’s pink.

This Wireless Car Charger

This wireless car charger is a must if you drive a lot. It attaches right onto your vent and charges super fast.

This Slammo Game

This Slammo game is an absolute blast! We like to play it on the beach and at backyard BBQs. It comes with its own carry bag so it’s easy to take along anywhere.

This Sleek Electric Skateboard

This is an excellent longboard for cruising the parkway. It gets amazing reviews, too!

These Smart Plugs

These smart plugs let me turn off lights from my phone. They’re great for when I can’t remember if I left the lights on.

This K-Cup Carousel

My guests always love that I have a selection of K-cups for them in the morning; this coffee pod holder is a handy way to organize all the flavors.

These Meal Prep Containers

These bento boxes make meal prepping for the week a total breeze. They come in a set of 12 so you can prep both your lunches and dinners or share with a partner.

These Compact Binoculars

These binoculars are small and perfect for any outdoorsman. They’re compact, lightweight and come with a compass for easy exploring.

This Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This portable Bluetooth speaker is an excellent addition to your Amazon Alexa – just drop it right into the cutout in the top of the speaker.

This Solid State Drive

This is an inexpensive SSD that’ll speed up your PC big-time.

This Audio Splitter

This 5-way audio splitter is the best way to listen to music with your friends.

This Flat TV Antenna

This flat TV antenna is a little-known hack to get you free local TV channels! It has a 35-mile radius and takes up virtually no room.

This Moleskine Notebook

The most successful people write down their thoughts every day – keep yours in this timeless Moleskine notebook.

This Smooth Gel Pen

Pro tip: you’ll stop misplacing pens if you get one you actually care about. This smooth gel pen writes great and the bright color makes it hard to lose.

This USB Adapter

This USB adapter comes in handy when I need to plug my mouse into my computer. Inexpensive and does the job – I heartily approve.

These Earbuds

Still have a headphone jack in your phone? Me too, and these earbuds have great sound quality for the price.