30 of the Best Things I Ever Bought on Amazon

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Sometimes, Amazon reminds of me of a trip to Target. I go there looking for one thing, I suddenly black out, and I wake up with a cart full of stuff I don’t need, but really want. Fortunately, while I may regret some of these purchases, many of these impulse buys have turned out to be all-time, zero-regret winners. Here’s 30 of my best purchases ever. Thanks for reading!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Mini Planter Pots

These mini planter pots are so adorable and are the perfect touch in the kitchen or bathroom.

This Laptop Case

I love this pretty laptop case for my Macbook – it also comes with a color-coordinated, flexible silicone keyboard cover.

These Jogger Pants

Athleisure is my go-to for days off, and these comfy joggers look good and feel even better.

This Ceramic Lunch Bowl

I love bringing my lunch to work in this ceramic salad bowl. There’s a silicone strap that keeps it securely shut so nothing ever leaks in my lunch bag.

This Leather Crossbody Bag

This cute leather crossbody purse is easy but stylish and holds everything I need when I’m out and about.

This Instant Snow

The neighborhood kids love using this instant snow to make a winter wonderland inside any time of year!

These Little Succulent Plants

These little live succulents add life to our space and more importantly, are hard to kill! Just pop them in the mini planters above and voilĂ , instant decor.

This Truffle Zest

This truffle zest tastes amazing on everything from veggies to pizza!

This Tie Dye Kit

This tie dye kit includes everything you need to make 36 projects, just add water! It’s great for birthday parties or playdates.

This Soft Shag Rug

This shag rug is so soft and plush but still affordable, so it’s great if you have pets or kids (and you have to replace it more often).

This Angry Orange Cleaning Spray

This Angry Orange spray cleans up tons of messes easily – it even gets the cat pee smell out of rugs!

This Fashionable Wristlet

This super-affordable wristlet is a looker!

This Camo Sweatshirt

This camo sweatshirt is a cozy outfit maker and so comfortable. I like that it comes in a few unexpected colors so I can snag more than one!

This Balsamic Vinegar

This is the absolute best balsamic ever – it’s rich, decadently smooth and almost more of a glaze than a thin vinegar. Delicious on salad, drizzled over grilled veggies or even on fruit!

These Statement Earrings

These earrings make a big statement but they’re so lightweight (and affordable).

This Camping Chair

This camping chair keeps me comfy during my kid’s long soccer practices – it’s easy to tote along and has a 4-can cooler built in!

This Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt

This is the coziest wearable blanket for cold New England winters. It’s so toasty you can save money on heating bills!

This Microwave Popcorn Popper

This microwave popcorn popper makes a delicious snack without harmful chemicals or fake butter (yuck!), just popcorn and air!

This Fluffy Slime

The kids play with this fluffy slime for hours on end. I love that it’s not sticky or goopy like some other kinds, and it totally smells like real birthday cake.

This Tangle Teezer Comb

This comb gets tangles out of my kid’s hair so easily – no more tears while brushing! And it’s compact enough that it’s easy to pack for travel.

These Customizable Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are customizable – need I say more? You can choose from three waist styles, three lengths and two colors to make your perfect pair.

These Stretchy Jeggings

These jeggings are perfect for casual days or weekends. So stretchy, so comfy but a little dressier than regular leggings.

This National Geographic Factbook For Kids

My elementary school kid is obsessed with memorizing all of the random facts in this National Geographic Fact Book and dropping some knowledge on us, There are over 5,000 facts, so it should keep her busy for a while!

This Breezy Tank Top

This flowy tank top comes in a bunch of colors and is so easy to wear since you can dress it up or down. The price is amazing, too.

This Rummikub Game

Rummikub is a fun STEM game that combines math and…fun! Weird but true! I was surprised how much the kids love playing it.

This Interactive Cat Toy

It’s hard to say who’s more entertained by this interactive cat toy maze – the actual cats or us watching them try to figure it out!

These Stainless Steel Kids’ Cups

This set of stainless steel cups is virtually unbreakable and so useful to have on hand for a houseful of thirsty neighborhood kids!

This Comfy Maxi Dress

This well-priced maxi dress makes an easy, comfortable outfit that looks like it took more effort than just popping it over your head.

These Charging Cords

You can never have too many charging cords – I love this set because they’re really durable and are long enough to reach an outlet across the room.

These Cooling Towels

These cooling towels are a must-have for the gym since I hate being sweaty. These come in a set of four so I always have one in my gym bag or car.