Teachers: the real example that not all heroes wear capes. They often hear and see things that could potentially scar them for the rest of their careers and make them just want to give up hope entirely. Some teachers and professors took to Reddit to share their dysfunctional stories, some definitely laughable, while others are kind of frightening.

"'I don’t need school I’ll be famous.' I believe that child is in jail". @Gingerredhead5 At least they started with big dreams.

"One kid was suspended from school for stealing 40 boxes of playdough and selling them on the school bus. In grade 1." @yoelbenyossef Hey, this kid might actually have a future in business. Probably need a lesson or two in business ethics but everyone has to start somewhere.

"A girl in my science class in high school thought Hot Dogs were pig's penises." @thebrowntown12

I will never look at a hot dog the same way again. Ever.

"High school kid called out for throwing garbage out the window. 'But littering creates jobs.'" @edgeofdementia Are there really people out there who think like this? I might give up hope too after hearing this.


"I had a student come to class so high today that he asked to go to the bathroom. When he got to the door he told me he didn’t remember where the bathroom was, despite attending this school for a year and a half. I told him to just start walking around until he found it. Reported it to the admin they told me he is less harmful and disruptive when he is high so I shouldn’t worry too much about it..." @GB1290 I wonder if that kid ever found his way back to the classroom.

"World War II didn't happen. Because the pictures are all black and white." @ScarletCaptain  How does that even... I don't even know where to start. This poor kid.

"It’s ok, my dad has lots of money." @ruggpea Shoot well this kid just has it all figured out. Sounds like daddy's money will just solve all your problems.

"In the final exam this year this kid put his hand up and asked how much a dime is worth." @S4mn1ck I wonder how long he had been waiting to ask that question, but I commend him for having that much courage to ask in a public setting.

"Had a student tell me (all pumped ego and "all that") he was going to drop my class and I should just give him A's as he was going to be a rapper. I asked if he signed a contract. He said no. I told him to sit down and get back to work. Kid never did a damn thing." @356afan He could be the next Kanye for all we know.

"After I have said, 'Do not write on this quiz,' projected a Word document on the projector screen at the front of class in large font that says, "Do not write on the quiz!", and even written it on the quiz paper itself, and highlighted it for the kids, I always have one or two: '....we can write on the quiz?'" @thatoldguyfromup Maybe next time get a flashing sign to hang on the wall? Is that too obvious?

"I had a senior ask me how many inches were in a foot. In an attempt to make her feel better I told her about a time when a kid asked me if California was a country. She then acted all surprised and yelled, 'It's not?!' I had to sit down after that one." @damnit_darrell California basically acts like its own country, but, how many inches in a foot? I don't know how to have hope for this one.

"Not said, but did. I saw a (very annoying) student place his thumb in the door jamb and intentionally slam the door. Blood everywhere. 8th grade. Otherwise not really as big as a weirdo as he sounds. But I knew things weren't going to work out for him." @hold_my_lacroix Okay we have to keep an eye out for this kid or any kid that acts like this.

"Student: Ms. I'm going to punch your baby. (Student knew I was pregnant) Me: why would you say that? Student: because I'm mad and I can." @CuriousChickie Yeah here's another one we have to keep an eye out for.

"Student: My mom’s boyfriend is from that place we’re learning about! Me: really? Cool! Which one? Her: Gonorrhea! Me: (thinking I didn’t hear her correctly) What? Where? Her: Gonorrhea! Another student: That’s not a country, that’s a disease. Both students argue about that fact for a minute. I sat dumbfounded. She meant Ghana." @arcant12  You say tomato, I say chlamydia. Classic mistake.

"I had a 14 year old tell me that he was going to, 'Sign up for the Celtics' after high school. He genuinely believed that anyone who wanted to be a millionaire professional athlete could just sign up and be on the team." @workacct1999 Ignorance is bliss kids. You only miss the shots you don't take.

"Former college instructor here. 'I'm only here so I can find a man who'll take care of me.' The girl was the most obnoxious student I've ever met." @NermalLikesCake Trying to get her Mrs. Degree... We all go to college for different reasons ya know?

"My wife had a student in 3rd grade who refused to do any writing assignments. My wife told him that she was going to call his parents to explain to them what was going on if he didn't start doing his work. He said, 'I don't care. My mom said I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. Rules don't apply to me.'" @Shostakovich22 This kid is going to have a rough run in with reality.

"High school English teacher here. 'What do you mean I can't copy and paste my essay from the internet?'" @msrachel Wait, plagiarism is a real thing?

"15 year old: 'What's lemon?' WHAT IS LEMON." @Capslock_Holmes Oh man our school systems really do need help. What is lemon!

"This wasn't a question, but a student once told me 'I don't want to live on Earth' and I of course asked why, and he said 'Because Earth is in space, and space is dark, and I'm afraid of the dark.' Now if this had been from a 4 or 5 year old, it would have been cute maybe. But he was 10. Bless his heart." @NotMyNameActually Interstellar, Gravity, The Martian?! Those movies scared me! I can justify this kid's fear.

"Was teaching a 101 lvl college freshman survey course. Told the students I was born in Alaska and a girl from the midwest asked me if it was hard to learn english so I could teach college." @PoopNoodle We really don't know what goes on in Alaska; it does feel like a foreign country at times.

"Grade 10 History at a Canadian school. Our class was looking at a map of Europe, and one student suddenly asked, 'Why can't I find Canada?'" @PrimordialCalamity Okay, yeah this one is pretty unsettling.

"'Are wolves real?' 11th Grade." @watchinthwheels If the children are our future, I am genuinely worried.

"Handed schedule to students with names of teachers, times of classes and breaks, etc. Someone asks, 'Who's Teacher Lunch?'" @SheIstanbul I would like to meet this Teacher Lunch; they might be the best teacher at school!

"I teach high school science. My class of seniors was walking to the football field for an outdoor activity. It was cloudy and a 17 year old student looked up at the glowing orb behind the clouds: Billy: 'Check out the moon.' Ally: 'That's the sun, Billy.'" @this_scarce_hype Oh, Billy. Maybe one day you'll get it. Maybe.

"My sister was teaching a science class and on one of the tests that she handed out one of the questions was 'What is one characteristic of a human being?' the students answer.. 'They lay eggs.' Oh and the student was 10 years old..." @Potatonator48 These kids parents have some serious explaining to do.

"A guy in my class once asked... why 3.14 is called Pi and why isn't just called pizza or cake or something." @RedditRobotic Did anyone else have Pi Day at their school on March 14th and everyone just sat around and ate pies? Just me? Okay. Well anyways, this kid should be focus a little more on math instead of circle shaped foods.

"Student asked how to spell DNA... Not the full word Deoxyribonucleic acid, no.. The abbreviation DNA. He wasn't trolling or anything, he's just never passed a test." @eudamme Almost losing total hope after this one.

"Had a college student on their final tell me that we have winter because Earth is not facing the Sun....I mean I can't even begin." @chipsnsalsa13 I can't even begin, either.

"'How did you know?' (Regarding a plagiarism accusation - there were blue hyperlinked key words throughout her assignment.)" @MrsLabRat I thought it wasn't that obvious... Overall conclusion, we might have to be seriously worried about the future and give our teachers some serious encouragement.