30 Things Under $30 That Will Upgrade Your Life

Since we’re all mainly stuck at home right now, that leaves so much more time open for online shopping, right?? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had an increased arrival of packages lately. Thanks, stress shopping. These are some of my fave buys that will actually help de-stress you. They make things so much easier… and a little more fun, too.

From an apron that makes you an instant top chef to a genius nail polish holder and the best multi-purpose phone gadget I’ve ever used, you’ll definitely want to add all of these to your next order.

Editorial Note: We review everything independently. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.

Add Just The Right Amount of Lemon With This Juicer

I’ve had so many different kinds of juicers and this is the easiest and best. It catches your seeds AND has a measuring cup so you’re adding just what a recipe calls for. It’s even big enough for oranges!


The Dorkiest (And Best) Apple Watch Stand

This is a bit of a nostalgia grab, but the original Apple was the computer I grew up with… so obviously I had to get this Apple Watch charging stand as soon as I saw it. Why would you have your watch just laying around while it’s charging when it could be a little mini Mac?


An Apron That Gives You Instant Cooking Help

Some people are just born with instant chef instincts and abilities… and the rest of us have to learn one recipe fail at a time. I also am super-clumsy so aprons a must for me. This apron has handy cooking times within your reach at all times. No need to get sauce all over your phone while you’re trying to figure out how long chicken should cook.

This Hair Appliance Holder Helps You Not Burn Yourself And Stay Organized

I have been known to burn myself with a curling iron, flat iron or essentially any hot thing. This handy-dandy hair appliance holder clips onto your bathroom cabinet so you always have a place to store them. Plus, it helps prevent cords from getting all tangled!

Keep Cords Within Reach With These Cable Clips

Am I the only one who always seems to be reaching down and around to find my phone charger cord and my computer charger cord? Probably not since these little awesome cable clips were invented. Put one on your nightstand with your phone cord and another at your desk. You could even get crazy and organize ALL your cords, from your TV to your printer.

Save Yourself From Warm Drinks With Bottle Chillers

No one wants a hot beer, cider or whatever adult beverage you prefer. Sometimes you can’t avoid coming home with a warm 6-pack, so these chillers definitely come in handy. You just keep ’em in your freezer, pop it into your bottle and start drinking. Four flow vents provide perfectly chilled liquid with every sip.

You Seriously Need This Multi-Use Phone Stand

Out of everything on this list, this is seriously the best thing I’ve ever bought. The weird little stand suctions to your phone or even iPad and then suctions onto your desk, computer, car dashboard, bathroom mirror… the possibilities are honestly endless. It’s great for video calling and it can even be a tripod.

This Icing Tool Will Have You Decorating Like A Boss

Writing on cakes, cookies and other pastries is harder than it looks. Not everyone is Christina Tosi (or insert your favorite pastry chef here). I’m so excited I found this amazing and fun cake decorating pen! Now you can make your fam or friend’s day with an awesome treat just for them.

Everyone Needs A Jar Scraper Spatula

This is a handy kitchen tool everyone should have in their kitchen. Use this skinny long spatula to scrape out the bottom of your peanut butter jar, Nutella, jelly… so many possibilities. It’s so much easier and less messy than using a knife.

This Fabric Defuzzer Will Save Your Sweaters, Couches And Pillows

Am I really an adult if I didn’t know a fabric shaver existed? I’ve been going around with pilly sweaters for years and no one told me about this. It’s also great for throw pillows and couches. You could even take it on a trip since it’s battery-operated… however long from now that will be. Definitely something quick and easy when you’re in a pinch.

Keep Your Fridge Cute and Smell-Free With This Fridge Odor Absorber

There’s probably a lot of things that go into fridge odors, especially when many people live together. I was sick of trying to fit baking soda boxes in my fridge and they’re obviously not very cute. Instead, fill this little lady with baking soda. It lasts for months and even lets you know when it needs to be refilled.

Make Your Place Extra-Fancy With Floating Bookshelves

As someone who has a lot of books and a no place where a bookshelf would fit, these floating bookshelves are a life-saver. They’re super-easy to install and they instantly upgrade your decor. And it’s a pack of four shelves, score!

This Adorable Scrubby Holder Makes Your Sink Extra-Cute

I’m not completely a germaphobe, but they say your kitchen sink can be one of the dirtiest places in your home. I feel like leaving sponges and scrubbers out just sitting there is a little gross and not very visually appealing. This little hedgehog scrubby holder really brought some fun to my kitchen. It’s also nice that you can wash the holder itself, too.

Never Oversleep Again with This Laser Target Clock

As someone who really likes their sleep, I’ve been known to hit snooze a bit. There are different apps out there where you need to do a math problem to turn off your alarm, but this clock is way more fun. The bullseye pops up and you shoot it to turn off the alarm. Gamify your life and maybe get up with smile on your face.

Finally Get All Your Water In With A Time-Marked Bottle

I own probably too many water bottles, but I could not resist this one and it’s actually helped me drink more water. The side is marked with times and water levels you should hit throughout the day. It also has a silicone straw and a secure spill-proof lid that opens with one hand.

The Light Up Makeup Mirror Makes Getting Glam Easy

Houses and apartments can have interesting lighting situations. I personally prefer a vanity set-up for applying makeup and this light-up mirror is a game-changer. Between actually being able to see what I’m doing, the magnification side helps with tweezing or doing eyeliner.

Never Drink Out Of A Dirty Glass Again With This Dishwasher Sign

I bought my parents this cheeky little sign after housesitting last summer. I opened up their dishwasher, which was like 95% full, and it seemed clean. I grabbed a glass, filled it with water and nope, it was dirty. Why not just run the dishwasher you ask? Who knows. This sign definitely helps clarify things for everyone in your house.

Save Your Wrist With A Vertical Mouse

You’ve been using the wrong mouse your whole life. I know a vertical mouse seems weird, but just hear me out. It’s ergonomically designed so your wrist doesn’t strain as much. I was hesitant this would really help me but knew the joint pain and strain I was feeling was only getting worse. This mouse seriously helped and I will never be going back to that old mouse life.

No More Wrecked Pancakes With This Silicone Turner

I’ve tried to make smaller pancakes to use a “regular” spatula and it never works out, half of them don’t flip cleanly. This pancake turner is just what you need for your weekly pancake fix. It even flips some crazy-large pancakes.

Save So Much Money with Puffer Fish Dryer Buddies

No need to buy fabric softener or dryer sheets again! I don’t know how much those cost for your lifetime but it’s probably a lot. These puffer fish dryer balls even let you have a little fun with your laundry. They help lower drying time, save energy, control static and soften fabrics naturally.

Stop Endlessly Digging With A Purse Organizer

So it’s less of an issue currently since I’m very rarely leaving the house, but I like to switch up my purses sometimes. This handy purse organizer just lifts out of one purse and into another, so you always have what you need and you know exactly where your chapstick is.

This Nail Polish Holder is GENIUS

Someone needs to win an award for designing this nail polish holder. I’ve spilled nail polish all over so many times by setting the bottle on a not-so-flat surface, whoops. This handy nail polish holder ring lets you paint your nails basically anywhere and it’s faster, easier and less of a mess.

This Wine Stopper That Brings a New Meaning to “Coq Au Vin”

Not only is this chicken wine stopper functional, it’s pretty fun, too. Stick it into an open bottle of wine to keep your wine fresh and ready for the next glass. And maybe the one after that too!

Take Your Anxiety Down A Notch With A Bean Fidget Toy

Everyone gets anxious from time to time, and I’ve found that fidget toys definitely give me something to do to take the edge off. Fidget spinners really seem like they’re for children, where as these Squeeze-A-Beans are for fun adults. They also easy to attach to keys so you always have something to play with.

This Cheap Cleansing Brush Cleans Your Face So Well

Not only is this brush the cheapest thing on this list, it’s something I use every-flippin’-day. The soft bristles deeply cleanse your skin while gently exfoliating. I also love that EcoTools products are 100% cruelty-free, vegan and crafted with renewable bamboo and recycled materials. I really can’t justify spending 40 times that on a fancy cleansing brush when this is so awesome.

Have the Smoothest Trip Ever With This Travel Organizer

Obviously kind of a weird pick for our current climate, but when you find something so genius you just need to get it. This RFID-blocking travel organizer keeps your passport, money, ticket and phone all in one place. It’s also stylish, comes in tons of colors and so affordable.

Make Your Desk Fun AND Organized With A Card Holder

Who likes loose random cards and papers floating around? Probably no one. This adorable card colder lets you keep what you need within reach while bringing a fun pop of color to your desk.

Never Get Up To Charge Your Phone With A 10-Foot Lightning Cable

Why are the phone cords that come with your phone so short? I guess they’re meant for desks… but most people are usually charging their phone by their couch or bed where outlets never seem to be close. This cord is amazing and is even made of braided nylon so it’s extra-durable.

Take A Hands-Free Hike With This Water Bottle Carrier

If you’re going on a long walk or a hike, you don’t usually want to bring a big purse… and yes, your hand can get it tired from holding a big water bottle for a long time. This water bottle carrier with a shoulder strap has made my walks so much more enjoyable and there’s a fun print for everyone.

A Cookbook Stand Helps You Cook Like A Pro

Make it easy on your body and mind the next time you’re cooking and use this bamboo cookbook stand. It can be used in multiple angles and fits even the biggest tomes. You could even use it for reading or holding music. Plus, it folds up compactly so you don’t have another random thing laying around.