30 Utterly Savage Pranks You Will Lose Your Mind Over | 22 Words

Am I downright awful for absolutely losing my mind in fits of laughter when others around me get pranked?

If the answer is yes, I mean...I'm fine with that.

Ashton Kutcher's MTV classic, Punk'd was a hit for a reason, people!

Here are thirty epically ridiculous pranks. I laughed. I cried. I feel light headed. I won't have to do crunches for like, weeks.

"Honey, Could You Take Out the Trash?"

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"Why yes, Dear, I..." *CUE HEART ATTACK*

When You're Too Focused On Your Selfie

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Best. Photobomb. EVER.

Pick Your Color

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"I think I'll go with..." "Wolvergreen."

Hut, Hut, HIKE!

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This is why I don't play sports. Or like, walk.

The Great Silver Spook

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It's okay, little fella. We're laughing with you. That's what you're supposed to say, right?

Just Relaxing In This Chair...

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When You Just Want Your Hair Did, But...

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Guess she's going to be late for that date. Tragic.

"And In Conclusion..."

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Looks like she got... ...Jurassic Pranked.

I Hope They Weren't Too Thirsty

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This one boggles my mind. How did that water get in there?!

Arcade High Jinks

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"OMG! We won!! Wait..." "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Good Ol' Fashioned Pam On the Floor

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Simple. Savage.

I Have To Pee So Bad Just Looking At This One

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I seriously hope this wasn't at a Mexican restaurant. Beans, beans, the magical fruit...

Save Us!

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That's one way to spice up your morning commute. Monsters. All of them.

Not What I Meant By Bluetooth...

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I'm using this one. Watch out, enemies.

Back Officially Stabbed

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This was either her best day... ...or the day she lost her mind.

Best Birthday Prank EVER

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Every birthday, I want to wake up showered in balloons. Boyfriend, take note.

Superglued Shoes

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Hope he didn't have anywhere to be. And also didn't need his nose.

Face Smush

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Her arms are like... Not again!

Cat Smush

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Run free, mice! Today, we got you.

If You Weren't Terrified of Elevators Before...

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The only thing worse now would be if she got stu.. OH CR@P!

Ah Choo!

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Taking "bless you" to new heights. Also, girl. Get a grip!

Ding Dong

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Ditch. DITCH!

Sneak Attack

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This happens every day. She never catches on.

The Star-Powered Prank

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It's alright, Tay. Just shake it off.

This Would End Me

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Stop that. TOO FAR.

This Is Why I Don't Go Camping

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Well this, and... that I hate spiders. And bears. And not having cell reception.

When You're Just Trying To Get In A Workout

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"Man..." "Now I lost count."

It's a TRAP

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Friendship. The Ultimate Force.

Srircha Reeses

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This should be illegal. That poor Reeses.

Her Reaction Make This Though

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What's that guy in the back's deal though? Does he know them? Is he a stranger? Why the mask? What is his life?