Haven't you always wanted to run away and live in a tree house in the middle of the forest? Well, now you can! You're an adult. Go for it.

If you're too attached to things like society and big-screen TVs, however, there are so many incredible tree houses around the world that you can visit on vacation.

So take a load off and let your inner little kid out while looking at these amazing, magical destinations!

Mirror Cube (Sweden)

via: Hongkiat

This "invisible" tree house lets you blend in with your beautiful surroundings. This is for those adventurers who want to go truly off the grid...or at least be really well hidden from it.

Rope Bridge Tree House (Georgia)

via: Airbnb

This tree house is so whimsical it was going to float into the sky, so they had to anchor it to the twee — I mean, tree.

Eco-Friendly Tree House (Denmark)

via: Bright Side

Is this a tree house? Or did we just find the world's largest Sims game?

Tropical Tree House (Hawaii)

via: Airbnb

This is a real tree house on Airbnb you can click on right now and book to actually stay in during your Hawaii vacation that just suddenly appeared on your calendar. How convenient!

Three-Story Tree House (Canada)

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It seems crazy, but it's true: A baby deer cried and its tears fell on a family of garden gnomes who then came to life and built this tree house. I swear that's what happened.

Free Spirit Spheres (Canada)

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These amazing (and fully furnished) spheres are suspended in the air with ropes. That makes for a fun time if you stay there on a windy night.

Castle Tree House (France)

via: House Beautiful

A castle and a tree house at the same time? Well that's two childhood dreams with one stone.

The Cocoon (England)

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This beautiful cocoon was made by architecture students. It's not a fully functioning house, but it's the perfect little spot from which to watch the sunset. Oh, and if you ever wondered what it was like to get a hug from the forest, this is it.

Olive Grove Tree House (Italy)

via: House Beautiful

This fuses your little kid dream of camping out in a tree house all night with your grown-up dream of sipping wine in an olive grove in Italy.

Backyard Tree House (Texas)

via: YouTube

Jeri and Steve Wakefield built this incredible backyard tree house for their grandchildren. Suddenly those cards with $20 in them aren't looking so great, Grandma.

Fairytale Tree House (Mississippi)

via: House Beautiful

Are you a princess on the run from an evil stepmother? Are you a cursed prince trying to find the perfect place to hide out during your "frog phase?" Then this is the tree house for you!

Horace Burgess' Tree House (Tennessee)

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Now this is a tree house. It uses six trees as its base and is ninety-seven feet tall! Mr. Burgess said he had a commandment from God to build this tree house, and boy, did he listen!

The Lodge On Loch Goil (Scotland)

via: The Lodge On Loch Goil

There was another tree house on a different lake in Scotland, but Nessie ate it. Thought they'd move from Loch Ness to Loch Goil to be safe.

The Bird's Nest (Sweden)

via: Bright Side

The Bird's Nest is part of Sweden's Treehotel, and it's honestly the best tree house to stay in. If you don't mind the horrifically giant sparrows that come peck at you, that is.

Airplane Tree House (Costa Rica)

via: Bored Panda

Don't worry, the plane didn't crash in this position, so the tree house doesn't have any bad juju. What it does have is a hot tub in the cockpit.

UFO Tree House (Sweden)

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If you're one of those nerdy types with a never ending imagination who like to get lost in the stars, this hotel room is for you! It's a UFO, and yes, it does travel to space in the middle of the night so you can communicate with aliens.

Yellow Tree House Restaurant (New Zealand)

via: Bright Side

This is a restaurant slash tree house slash hot air balloon! OK, it's not actually a balloon, but it's so multi-talented, it could be.

Longwood Gardens (Pennsylvania)

via: Woman's Day

This is that fancy tree house you show your parents when you're like, "I'm going to live in a tree house!" and they're like, "What? No!" and you're like, "But look. Tree houses are nice AF," and they're like "Oh, OK cool beans."

Farmhouse In the Air (California)

via: Bright Side

A house was built in a tree. Then another house was built on that house. And so on and so on.

Tree House Point (Washington)

via: Tree House Point

Tree House Point is like, a whole little woodsy haven for tree houses. They're all different and you can stay in all of them. It's a literal dream come true.

HemLoft Tree House (Canada)

via: Bored Panda

There's quite the story behind Joel Allen's HemLoft. You can read about it, or you can get off your bum and go do what he did: make something awesome!

Moose Meadow Lodge (Vermont)

via: Outside

This is the ultimate log cabin. It's built into a tree in the woods of Vermont, and you can stay there. You can also request "tree service," which means a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and local maple syrup will be delivered to you in the tree. So there's basically no reason to leave, ever.

Roost Tree House

via: Hongkiat

The Roost tree house is just in the design stage as of yet, but sign me up because I want a piece of that Lord of the Rings looking tree pod palace.

Tea House Tetsu (Japan)

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This beyond gorgeous tea house tree house is built right in the middle of a field of cherry blossoms. How's that for peace and quiet? Cherry blossoms are the cumulus clouds of trees.

Ariaú Amazon Towers (Brazil)

via: Outside

The only thing better than a tree house is seven tree houses. The only thing better than seven tree houses is seven tree houses in the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. Can you say "a monkey friend?" Because that's what I'll be making.

The Nest (Texas)

via: Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours offers tree houses for lodging and once-in-a-lifetime zip line experiences. It's truly a chance to become a kid again!

Lake Muskoka Tree House (Canada)

via: Bright Side

This may not look like a traditional tree house, but it's totally safe and can easily house a large group! Vacation, anyone?

Keemala Hotel (Thailand)

via: Love Money

Your Thailand adventure wouldn't be complete without a night spent in a tree house. Oh, and also a night in Bangkok you barely remember, but that's another gallery.

Tree House Brewing Co. (Massachusetts)

via: The Active Times

Sitting in a tree house and drinking beer might seem a bit counterintuitive... Just don't drink enough you'll have trouble getting down.

La Casa Del Arbol (Ecuador)

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No biggie. Just a tree house on the edge of the world with a swing that floats you thousands of meters over the Ecuadorian city of Banos.